March 26, 2020

Noel King, the DCS employee, presents the updated information regarding to counseling.

Deaf Community Services (DCS) Behavioral Health Services (BHS) is still OPEN! We’re not available to meet in person due to coronavirus (COVID-19). We are available through telehealth, such as videophone (VP), FaceTime (FT), and/or Zoom. What is counseling for? Dealing with anxiety, depression, stress, domestic violence, and/or other any reasons. We’re here to listen and support you! Please feel free to contact us via email or VP. Also, here is a friendly reminder that we are providing the services to San Diego County residents.

If you have any have any questions/concerns, please call or email us: Stefanie Everton-Lovell, Lead Clinician, at 619-550-3432 or

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