Hello there! The San Diego DEAFestival will be unique this year. Let me tell you why. it will be online due to the pandemic and it will have 45 performers who are all deaf. There will be three screens with three performances at the same time. It will be from 10am to 9pm, 11 hours! The most important part is that the funds generated from the festival will be donated to the BIPOC Deaf community of San Diego. Now you are wondering why this year? Well, every year, the funds have been carried over year after year, and they have been used to pay for items such as chairs, tables, canopies, food, porta-potties venue rental, event insurance, and so much more. The DEAFestival is not cheap. This year, we have no need for those, everything is now online. This is a unique time we are taking that opportunity to acknowledge, support, and grow the BIPOC Deaf community of San Diego. When the DEAFestival ends, would it make sense for us to just give the money to anybody? No, it wouldn’t. There needs to be a committee consisting of BIPOC members, who can provide oversight and meet with those that are interested in receiving funds. There needs to be an idea, plan, application, agreement, and that leads to approval of how the funds are used and given out. This is to foster growth. Again, the DEAFestival is for the community and DCS does not own it. they are separate. A committee of BIPOC community members is needed to assist in the oversight of this grant, all members of this committee are equal, they may meet once a month to review the grant applications and to make a decision. In turn, the community grows from this. If you are interested in joining this committee and helping the community grow, please contact us at SDDFCHAIR@gmail.com. The San Diego DEAFestival 2020 team thanks YOU!

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: a purple/blue seal with white background and text: All profits will be donated to the BIPOC Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community of San Diego