A person in a dark suit and a dark eyeglasses signing with blue shade transparency; text: Interpreting

Interpreting Internship

San Diego, CA

The DCS Interpreting Internship Program assists in bridging the gap between graduating from an Interpreter Training Program (ITP) and work-readiness/certification. This Internship Program provides interns with on-the-job experience through observation of professional interpreters in real-world scenarios, team interpreting assignments with seasoned colleagues and later, skill-appropriate interpreting assignments.

We welcome all ITP graduates! In addition to the Internship Program, DCS also offers an observation and volunteer opportunities.

For more information about the Internship Program, how to apply, or inquiring about observation opportunities, click the button below to contact Ranem Shhadeh, Operations Manager of the Interpreting Department.

A person with long sleeves signing “breathing” with blue shade transparency; foreground white text: Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health Therapist Internship

San Diego, CA

The DCS Behavioral Health Therapist Internship Program provides a comprehensive graduate-level experience of learning through and from real-world aspects of the field such as; substance abuse, psychiatry, peer support, advocacy, and case management allowing you to learn and grow through experience and team collaboration.

If you are currently a graduate student looking for a Therapy Internship in the field of Behavioral Health reach out to Alicia Walsh, Clinical Behavioral Health Director by clicking the link below.

A person with gray hair and mustache and wired eyeglasses wearing a suit and tie signing; foreground white text: SOL Recovery Program

SOL Support Recovery Internship

San Diego, CA

The DCS Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Counselor Internship Program was specifically created to provide students enrolled in a Drug and Alcohol Studies Program the opportunity to gain direct support and counseling through hands-on experience better preparing them for a career in the SUD field.

This Internship Program specifically provides interns with experience working in a language inclusion recovery program while acquiring the work hours necessary to complete their SUD certificate, Associates or Bachelor’s degree.

For more information about the SUD Counselor Internship Program or to apply, click the button below to contact Alicia Walsh, the Clinical Behavioral Health Director.

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