November 11, 2020

DCS wants to let you all know that the COVID-19 virus in San Diego County has been increasing, to a larger number. The state of California has set up four levels to control the virus: yellow, orange, red, and purple. We have been in the red level, which means there are increased limitations and policies. We are now in the purple level, starting this Saturday. This means all indoor businesses will be closed. This means indoor restaurants, gyms, and malls. Again, anything that is indoors will be closed. Any outdoor businesses will remain open, essential businesses like food stores are open. Those important businesses will remain open, like doctors’ offices, food stores, and emergency services. The purple level means that the rate of the virus in San Diego has not stabilized, nor has it gone down. More and more cases of people are getting sick, as well as more deaths. DCS is worried and cares about all of you, we want you to be safe. We want to remind you all to be safe, wash your hands, wear a mask. When you get home, do not touch the mask, dispose of it, and wear a new mask for the next use. If you have more questions or need resources, contact us, or check out our COVID-19 webpage on our website. The purple level starts this Saturday, November 14th, and it will continue, which means more restrictive restrictions. Finally, if the purple level does not drop to the red or other levels, that means there will be even more restrictions in place, such as quarantine. DCS wants you to be aware of this, and we care about you, be safe, wear a mask, and follow the policies!