May 12, 2021

Some of you might have heard that the use of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine has been paused due to blood clots found in adult women younger than 50 years old. Only six incidences of blood clotting have been reported in relation to the J&J vaccine. It is rare and currently only carries a 0.00008% chance of developing a blood clot.

The CDC and FDA announced on April 23rd that they lifted the pause of the use of the J&J vaccine, and they have found it to be safe and effective. Although, keep in mind that those women affected were at high risk and younger than 50 years old. Please be aware of the rare occurrences; however, you can choose another covid19 vaccine option that is available out there according to your preference. The CDC and FDA will continue to monitor the safety of all COVID-19 vaccines. Contact me at 619-450-1996 if you have any questions.