April 12, 2020

Hello! I am here, for? Will show how to make masks but without sewing. If you are home and don’t have a sewing machine and feel stuck without it, there is a solution for that. Now I have this fabric here, fold in half (1/2), do it again. Leave as is after doing 1/2 twice. Next, have 2 bands. Put the band around the fabric at 5 inches. So, it is about 5 inches. Now, doing the 2nd band around the fabric. If you feel satisfied, fold the fabric over, ok? See this? Now, fold the fabric. Slide the fabric inside. Make sure it is tucked in and flat. If you are not satisfied, you can use safety pins (1 or 2). Put the pin on the end of the fabric to close tight together. That’s it. Putting it on, bands around ears with fabric covering the nose and mouth. It is thick and perfect. This is the solution. Remember again, we all are in this together. Be safe and stay home, bye.

Image description: a person with blonde hair wearing blacktop. White background