October 20, 2020

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[VIDEO DESCRIPTION:  Deaf Interpreter, Romduol Ngov, a Khmer genderfluid person with short black hair, wearing a dark olive green short-sleeve shirt, standing in front of a black background, looking at the camera.]


[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: [top corner] Picture of Dr. Mark Ghaly, a bald-headed white man with transparent white glasses. He is standing in front of a tree in a gray suit with red/gray tie and white shirt. He is smiling and looking at the camera. [underneath the picture] WHITE TEXTt: Dr. Mark Ghaly, October 20, 2020. [bottom corner] WHITE TEXT: Video made possible with support from [fancy font] Rosemary Wanis and Friends]

DEAF INTERPRETER: Hello, my name is Romduol. I will interpret Dr. Ghaly’s press conference from today, October 20, 2020.


[WHITE TEXT: Topics: Theme parks, Sport Outdoor Arenas, Covid-19 Updates]


DR. GHALY:  Today’s presentation covered three key points: theme parks both small and large.  Small theme parks such as the Santa Cruz Boardwalk or Funderland or a place for young children such as Fairland or Safari – all smaller theme parks where people usually go to have a good time on rides,or where they go to look at animals.


[IMAGE DESCRIPTION:  Aerial view of Santa Cruz Boardwalk Giant Dipper rollercoaster next to blue ocean and sand with Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk text overlapping the blue ocean]

[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Two little kids sitting in a ride that looks like a fish with blue eyes, purple rounded lips, blowing our bubbles.  Both kids have face painted and arms up in the sky, smiling looking at the camera with a black fence behind them.  Green and white text at bottom corner: FUNDERLAND with a red banner: Amusement Park]

[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Big shoe house with words “Fairyland” each letter in a different color pink,light green, red, and light blue with green trees in background]

[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Picture of a large area with green grass and tall trees with wild animals roaming around and people watching from a large jeep with rows of chairs]


DR. GHALY: We also want to discuss bigger theme parks such as Disneyland which usually has a lot of people.

[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Picture of a white rollercoaster with yellow row of cars with blue, orange and many colors spread out over the ride against a blue sky in the background]

DR. GHALY: Also think of sports outdoor arenas that are open and have lots of places for people to sit and watch a game such as baseball or football.  Keep in mind that these arenas can’t be closed in like basketball arenas, they must be open where you sit down and look up and see the sky.

[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Large open arena with blue seating all around and a green/white grass/ground football game layout at the center with a large scoreboard on the left]


[WHITE TEXT: Covid-19 Updates]


DR. GHALY: My third topic today is about COVID-19 updates which I do every Tuesday.


[WHITE TEXT: Theme parks]


DR. GHALY: Now back to our first topic on theme parks. We have different people who know a lot about business, medicine, science, pandemics, we all get together and developed guidelines for theme parks.  For small theme parks like Santa Cruz Boardwalk, they can open but still limited to only if they are in a county that is in the orange code.


[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Orange bar with wo thumbs up middle warning sign. WHITE TEXT:



DR. GHALY: Still can’t have a full number of people still can only have 25% or ¼ of the usual number of people.  You have to buy your tickets in advance online (can’t show up and buy your ticket there).  The reason for ordering tickets online is so that everyone can answer health questions online before arriving such as do you feel sick, do you have a fever, and more.  When you buy your ticket online, the theme park will have your name and information.  The reason for this is suppose COVID-19 does spread at that theme park, they have everyone name in the system and can quickly contact everyone who was at the park that day and let them know that they were maybe exposed.  Another restriction is for example Santa Cruz Boardwalk, ONLY people who live in the Santa Cruz area can buy tickets online and can go to the Boardwalk. But if you live in Sacramento you can’t go to Santa Cruz Boardwalk because you live far away. This is ONLY open for people who live in the same area as the theme park. Theme parks are only open for people who live closeby, not for people who are from out of town. We are doing this because your safety comes first.


[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Yellow bar with two happy faces and in the middle a thumbs-up icon]


DR. GHALY: For small or large parks/arenas, if they are in a county that is in the yellow code

All theme park may resume as long as the county is in the yellow tier.  Disneyland, for example, can only open IF that county is yellow.  Disneyland cannot open if that county is orange, red, or purple because it is a large theme park with people traveling from all over the country and all over the world to visit.  With such a large place and large number of people, the virus can easily spread if someone has it.  Which is different than smaller local theme parks which are usually visited by local people and have smaller numbers of visitors. With a smaller chance of spreading the virus.  Therefore, bigger places like Disneyland has to be much more careful about when they open.  Even with a yellow code, the guidelines are the same for yellow and orange. Smaller number of people can go, have to order tickets online in advance, answer health questions with your name and more.  Once you enter the theme park you must wear a mask and keep it on all day except when eating and drinking.


[WHITE TEXT: Sport outdoor arenas]


DR. GHALY: For sports outdoor arenas, we have new guidelines set up.  Again, arenas are limited to people who live within 120 miles from that place, they are the only ones who can buy tickets.  Northern California can’t go to Southern California.  You still hae to buy tickets in advance, give your name, wear a mask, all for safety as your safety is most important.  When you enter, you will notice assigned seating with space to keep your distance.  In the past when you go to the arena you could get up to buy a drink or food.  Now you can’t do that. You have to wait for someone to come to you, bring you food/drink, you stay in your seat.


[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Picture of a group of people sitting in folding fabric chairs with the back of an SUV open, BBQ food, eating and drinking in a parking lot with a large red X covering the photo]


DR. GHALY:  Tailgate parties are not allowed, having BBQ, drinks, food by your car in the parking lot is not allowed. This is not allowed period.


[WHITE TEXT: Covid-19 Updates]

[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Coronavirus cell with gray base and several red stems sticking out all around the cell]


DR. GHALY: Now for a COVID-19 update.  We are seeing some improvements.  We have been using our website that collects information that helps us to predict what might happen with COVID-19 over th next two to three or four weeks.   We can see if the numbers might go up in the future or go down. The numbers are showing us from the website that the numbers will go up in the next few weeks but predict that it will get worse just like it did in some other states.

If you want to look at the website yourself, go to calcat.covid19.ca.gov.  On this website there are different icons you can click to give you information such as if COVID-19 spreading fast, slow, in a small area, or large area, etc.  Take a look.


[WHITE TEXT: calcat.covid19.ca.gov]


[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Four different colors from the top to bottom – purple with stop signs and skulls icon, red with stop sign and warning signs icon, orange with a warning sign and thumb up icon, and yellow with smiley faces and thumb up icon.]


[ORANGE TEXT: Orange. WHITE TEXT: Butte County, Napa County]



DR. GHALY: Here is our update on counties who have moved to a different color code.  I am sad that Riverside and Shasta Counties have moved back up to the purple tier.  They were red, and now they are back up to purple which means they did not improve.


[IMAGE DESCRIPTION:  Purple bar with stop signs and skulls icon. WHITE TEXT: RIVERSIDE, SHASTA]


DR. GHALY: We will work more closely with southern California including: Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernardino to work with them to keep the virus from becoming worse than it is now.  That might mean giving them more PPE such as masks, face shields, gloves, gowns, etc. Maybe it means changing some of the guidelines so they can improve. Come up with isolation resources and encourage everyone to have a backup plan like family or friend who can help out if you happen to be sick or have the coronavirus but need a place to stay, food to eat, have errands to run like going to the bank, and more. We are also giving more tests in different areas to help bring numbers down because some of those area maybe don’t have enough tests and places where people can get tested.  These are different ways we work with counties to get their numbers down.


[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: White rectangle with clip art image at top hands with soap with orange text: Wash.  Second image down is a face with brown hair and blue mask with blue text: Mask.  Third image down is the outline of a blue spray bottle with orange text: Clean.  Fourth image at bottom is the image of a woman standing with long dark hair and blue clothes and a light blue arrow in front of her with blue text: 6 Feet]


DR. GHALY: Lastly, remind you again to wear a mask, social distancing, washing hand, avoid gatherings.  Even if you don’t have the virus you still need to be careful. Because the virus is out there and easily spread.  Again be careful, don’t socialize with too many people.


[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Clip art of a doctor’s hand giving a flu short to a patient’s arm]


DR. GHALY:  It’s winter season meaning flu season! Please get your flu shot to prevent the spread of flu.  Thank you!


[FULL SCREEN IMAGE DESCRIPTION: [top left corner] Picture of Dr. Mark Ghaly, a bald-headed white man with transparent white glasses. He is standing in front of a tree in a gray suit with red/gray tie and white shirt. He is smiling and looking at the camera.

[bottom left corner] Edited by Xgamil’s Photography & More. [bottom right corner] WHITE TEXT: Video made possible with support from [fancy font] Rosemary Wanis and Friends]


Latent Interpreting Media Ready to Post: Governor Newsom Press Conference, October 19, 2020


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[VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Deaf Interpreter Alexis Bravo sitting in front of a textured gray background; Mexican man with a light tan, short light brown hair; wearing a black short-sleeve shirt.]


[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: [top left] WHITE TEXT: CA  Governor Newsom,  October 20, 2020. IMAGE: A white male presenting with short hair, wearing a black suit with dark blue tie, Governor Newsom giving a speech during press conference; three flags behind the governor: US flag, white flag, blue flag with logo of CalOES]

[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: [bottom left] WHITE TEXT:  This video made possible by

support from: [IMAGE] NorCal Services for Deaf & Hard of Hearing with dark blue logo spells

NORCAL with Empower (purple). Educate (teal). Elevate (green) above the logo]


DEAF INTERPRETER: Hello my name is Alexis [name sign A to 5 wiggle outward from heart] interpreting for Governor Newsom’s press conference today with three points.

GOVERNOR NEWSOM: My first point today is about vaccines for COVID-19 which will hopefully help us slow the spread and keep COVID-19 positive numbers as low as possible.   Even with the vaccine, there is no 100% guarantee that you will not catch COVID-19.  Same thing with flu shots, when you get a flu shot, there is no promise that you will not get the flu.  We have been working with one company to provide 45 million vaccines for COVID-19.

[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: white background; a syringe with needle laying across a person’s hands with blue latex gloves and a person wearing a white shirt holding a white sign covering their face.  The white sign has black text: COVID19]

GOVERNOR NEWSOM: America is divided into 50 states. Those 45 million vaccines will be divided to all 50 states.  California will get about 12% of the 45 million vaccines which equals 1 to 2 million total vaccines.

[WHITE TEXT; 12% of the 45 million doses go to California]

GOVERNOR NEWSOM: Those 45 million vaccines have been made by two different companies seen here.

[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: a white background with blue oval logo with white text: Pfizer] [IMAGE DESCRIPTION:  a white background; teal & pink mask, syringe, and medical pills with a red text that reads “Moderna” below “Moderna” are blue dotted lines and below the lines is blue text: messenger therapeutics]

GOVERNOR NEWSOM: Everyone who wants the vaccines must get two shots within 21 days (3 weeks).  Once California gets our vaccines, we will call people in to get their shots by groups.

[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Picture of a medical expert wearing PPE and doing some kind of lab experiment with a syringe in hand and vial in another hand]

GOVERNOR NEWSOM: We will work closely with medical experts, scientists, researchers, biologists, and others who will make sure that how we give out COVID-19 vaccine shots that we do it the right way without making people become sick or sicker.  We want to start with our experts when the vaccines arrive hopefully in December of this year.  That is our hope.  After we go through our own test with experts, we want to start vaccines to the public in 2021.


GOVERNOR NEWSOM:  We will not be able to get everyone in for vaccines right away, we need to start with different groups one after the other starting with those who have the highest chance of getting the virus to those who have the lowest chance of getting the virus.

[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Clip art of rows of abstract people without facial features all with masks including children, adults, people of different skin color, clothing, and headwear standing against a pale blue/green background] [BELOW IMAGE WHITE TEXT: 65+ age, Essential workers, Disabled people, BIPOC, people who live in rural areas]

GOVERNOR NEWSOM: Before we start giving our vaccinations we want to be sure we have all the supplies we need.

[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A picture with different medical supplies including wipes, gauze, medical scissors, alcohol pads, bandages, and more]

GOVERNOR NEWSOM: Some of the vaccines require ultra cold storage of below -70 degrees celsius.  Other vaccines require cold storage below -20 degrees celsius.

[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A lot of vaccines in a cold storage/refrigerator with sliding glass doors; a black presenting, wearing a lab coat, stand right next to the cold storage looking at the vaccines]

GOVERNOR NEWSOM:  The state’s California Immunization Registry (CAIR) is the system currently in place to handle the related data. This system able to keep track of who has had the vaccine and who hasn’t, who was isolated for those three weeks and who did not.  Who did recover from COVID-19 and who did not.  If we see that the vaccines are working, then we will ask the two companies to make more so that we don’t run out. As you go out and socialize you see that people are wearing masks.  Look at me and my mask.  See the mask below my nose.  That is not okay because you can still get COVID-19 germs in through the nose and can spread it out from your nose too.  See me cover my nose and mouth with my mask. That is how you should wear your mask to slow the spread.  I now you are tired of wearing a mask. I know it is hard to breath.  But please wear your mask.  Wait until you are alone, alone in your car, alone at home, then you can take off your mask and take a deep breath. Don’t take deep breaths without a mask while you are in the same space with other people.

[WHITE TEXT: 3,747 new cases]

GOVERNOR NEWSOM: Now for an update on the number of COVID-19 positive caes.  See the white text. While numbers of people in hospitals and ICU have gone down we don’t want to get too comfortable and think everything is okay when the virus is still going on and going up in some areas.  Please stay safe.  For the number of people who have taken the COVID-19 tests (nose swab, mouth swab, blood tests) see the white text.

[WHITE TEXT: 121,581 tests]

GOVERNOR NEWSOM: Remember our four-tiered county color coding system with purple, red, orange yellow.  Let me show you how many counties are in each color group.  See white text.

[WHITE TEXT; 10 counties in purple group. 27 counties in red group. 12 in orange group and 8 counties in yellow group]

GOVERNOR NEWSOM: Remember, the goal is for all counties to keep moving down the tiers and get to yellow. Keep working hard to do your part to slow the spread of COVID-19. This is serious and needs everyone to help.

GOVERNOR NEWSOM: Now for my third and final point: California wildfires.

[IMAGE DESCRIPTION:  Picture of two firefighters putting out the wildfire with a water hose that shooting out water]

GOVERNOR NEWSOM: The fires that we have right now are huge.  Really huge!

[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A picture of a huge wildfire all over the land]

[WHITE TEXT: More than 4.1 million acres]

GOVERNOR NEWSOM: There have been 31 deaths in this wildfire season.  Our hearts are with them. Last week with the high winds, our firefighters have been working hard to get control of the fires.  Thank you to all of our firefighters who are trying to get these fires to stop.  Again, I know you are tired of all of our reminders but again, because I care about each of you, follow our guidelines, wash your hands, avoid contact with other people, do not socialize more than you need to. Stay safe.  Stay healthy. Thank you!

[IMAGE DESCRIPTION:  [top left image] Teal background with dark image of hands with a drop of water and lathered soap next to WHITE TEXT: Wash your heads BLUE TEXT: frequently] [IMAGE DESCRIPTION: [center left image] Teal background with dark image of shadows of several people standing close to each other with BLUE AND WHITE TEXT: Avoid cross, stay home if you can.] [VIDEO IMAGE: Animation of a woman with brown hair and light skin wearing a green blouse with black buttons and white collar is seen pulling a blue mask over her nose/mouth again and again on loop]

[FULL SCREEN IMAGE DESCRIPTION: WHITE TEXT:  This video made possible by: [IMAGE] NorCal Services for Deaf & Hard of Hearing with dark blue logo spells NORCAL with Empower (purple). Educate (teal). Elevate (green) above the logo]

Disclaimer: This transcript is a back translation of the Latent Interpretation and is not intended to be a verbatim reproduction of the original message.  For questions, comments, and feedback, please email latentimedia@gmail.com  Thank you!