DCS Announces the New Executive Director!

The Deaf Community Services of San Diego (DCS) is honored and thrilled to announce that Monique Ball will be our new Executive Director. We are looking forward to her leadership to advance our pursuit of the DCS mission.

Monique is a native of Bakersfield, Southern California with over 15 years of non-profit experience, including advocating and providing social services to the deaf and hard of hearing, as well as developmentally disabled individuals. As Deaf Afro-Latina, Monique brings her multicultural perspective thanks to the rich experiences and traditions growing up in a multi-ethnic household and is familiar with implementing diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives within organizations.

Monique also has a strong set of business skills cultivated by her education and extensive work experience. Her increasing responsibilities and expertise within our sister agency, the Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness (GLAD) have prepared her for the DCS Executive Director leadership role and we are honored to welcome her to the organization.

We also wish to sincerely thank all those folks who gave their valuable time to be involved in and help us in the Executive Director search and hiring process; our staff, our community, the search committee itself, and Innivee Strategies the executive search consultant.

We also deeply appreciate the pool of very qualified candidates who applied, especially our remaining finalist, Amy Gomme. We were incredibly impressed with your talents and passion, Amy.

Please welcome Monique to the DCS team as the new DCS Executive Director! She will begin her role on March 7, 2022. In the coming weeks, the DCS Board will share information about how we will celebrate and welcome Monique into her new leadership role.


Thank you DCS Board members, for the opportunity to lead your organization. It has been clear throughout the process that DCS is looking for a transformational leader and I truly appreciate how each community member has been authentic in sharing their hopes and dreams for the organization.

The San Diego community is a rich, vibrant, and diverse community, and as I shared during my interview and presentation, I am committed to working closely with the DCS board and staff to cultivate a re-commitment to our values, and goals, in pursuing our mission: “we advocate, educate and serve as partners within our community to achieve full access and inclusion of, by, and for Deaf, Hard of Hearing, DeafBlind, and Late Deafened people.

I look forward to starting my new role soon and getting to know your community!


Innivee Strategies wishes to congratulate DCS on the selection of their new Executive Director, Monique Ball, and wish to acknowledge the incredible contributions of DCS’ Board, staff, and search committee members throughout the search process. We also wish to thank the San Diego community members for sharing their vision and desired qualities of DCS’ incoming Executive Director through our focus groups and surveys. We are pleased that DCS has found a leader who meets the community’s vision and look forward to DCS’ continued success!

Monique Ball

A native of Bakersfield, Southern California, Monique Ball is an Afro-Latina who brings a multicultural perspective thanks to the rich experiences and traditions growing up in a multi-ethnic household. She received her B.A in Business and Economics with a focus on Information Systems from the University of Phoenix, Arizona. Her professional experience with nonprofits spans 15 years and includes advocating and providing social services to the deaf and hard of hearing, as well as developmentally disabled individuals.

Her passion and drive brought her into the nonprofit sector to advocate for services and support with regional centers and other nonprofit organizations. This led to pursuing advancement opportunities in Accounting and Human Resources which involved her in organizational planning, strategic development, and growth. Monique continues to be an active member of her community by seeking out fun cultural events and giving back through her nonprofit work.

With a work hard and play hard philosophy, in her spare time she enjoys bowling, art and loves exploring California beaches and mountains by hiking and paddleboarding. Monique’s life mission is to inspire, elevate and empower members of her community to succeed and achieve their goals.

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

[image description: Monique Ball, Afro-Latina wearing a v- neck dark blue blouse, behind her is a cream color background.]

Thank you, DCS Search Committee Members

The DCS Board wishes to express their gratitude to the DCS search committee members for their commitment and support for the recommendation of the two finalists, which the DCS Board of Directors unanimously accepted at our board meeting.

These are the DCS Search Committee members:

  • Nathan Brown
  • Pepe Cervantes
  • Glynda Davis
  • Callie Frye
  • Rosina Garcia
  • melissa kelley colibrí
  • Lynnette Miller
  • Chris Preston
  • Ranem Shhadeh
  • Derek Shirane
  • Jennifer Woods

The DCS Board also wishes to thank the many staff and community members who contributed to the DCS Executive Director search process directly and indirectly. Your support was instrumental in bringing us to where we are today. We are excited about the finalist process in which we select the new DCS Executive Director who will lead our organization.


This is the Prospectus for DCS Executive Director Search. Please watch the video below and then click the button to download the prospectus.


Please contact us with any questions or concerns related to our search for a new Executive Director


Introducing Co-Chairs of the DCS Executive Director Search Committee

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