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DCS is hosting a fundraiser with Panda Express

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DCS is hosting a fundraiser with Panda Express. Our first fundraiser will be on November 16th and the code is 911251. Our second fundraiser will be on December 21st and the code is 11252. Our third fundraiser with Panda Express will be on January 24, 2023 and the code is 11253. Our fourth fundraiser will be on February 28th and the code is 11254. Our last fundraiser with Panda Express will be on March 31st and the code is 11255. Please remember that the code is different for each month. You can only order online, www.pandaexpress.com or order through Panda Express app on your phone for the proceeds to go to DCS. You can only order on the assigned day of the fundraiser and please reach out to everyone out there and encourage all to order on November 16th with the code of 911251!!!


Ruth and Laura: Hi! Hi! Hi! Good to see you! Laura: It has been a while. Ruth: It is overdue! We have a lot to discuss. Laura: I know! I know! But can we hold off our discussion? I am starving! Ruth: Yeah, you are right. I am hungry, too. Laura: Do you want to eat here? Ruth: Here at Panda Express? Why not!? Laura: Know why??? Ruth: Why?? Laura: DCS is having a fundraiser Ruth: Ohhhhhh! Laura: Panda Express is giving 28% back to DCS Ruth: Champ!! Do you mind to tell me how that works? Laura: Sure! You can order online but we are not at home. We can order on an app on the phone. Ruth: Perfect! Laura: It is easy to do! When you fill out your order on the app, it is a must to add code to your order and when you are finished, it will go through. You can get your food! The donation will be made to go to DCS! Ruth: Oh okay! Mind show me how to do it on phone? Laura: Sure! Ruth and Laura: making an order through Panda Express app on phone Ruth: Ohhhh! Laura: Be sure to add code, when you are done, go ahead and click to pay. Then we just go in and get our food. Ruth: Why don’t we go ahead and invite you all to come and eat!? Ruth and Laura: Come on in! Let’s eat! Yummy! (Laura and Ruth) Transcription: Laura: Thank you! Ruth: Thank you! Laura and Ruth: Thank you! Ready to eat? Laura: I am hungry! Ruth: Yes. Laura and Ruth: Come!! (Ruth) Transcription: Don’t forget to go look at post every month! Why? The code for every month will be different when you place an order through Panda Express online or through app on phone. (Laura) Transcription: Don’t forget to spread out our fundraiser for Panda Express to your friends, family, work space and all over everywhere! Panda Express is located in West, East, North, South, Florida, New York and San Diego, most important city!! Please support DCS and our fundraiser!! The money earned will proceed to DCS and 28% will go back to DCS! Woo! Come and support us!


December 21
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