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Giving Tuesday | November 29, 2022

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Our Signs of Life Services superstar team is Kenny, Shanna, Lesley and Mary Ann The Signs of Life (SOL) program offers comprehensive outpatient drug and alcohol treatment for Deaf, Deaf-Blind, late-deafened, and hard of hearing adults. SOL is the only community-based substance abuse program in the United States that is designed specifically for Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals.  SOL provides individualized treatment and recovery plans that meet the unique needs of the individual.

Transcript: Hi I’m Kenny, Program Manager here at SOL (Signs of Life). Fun facts about me, I’m a NERD! 😊

Hi I’m Shanna, Data Entry and Billing specialist here at SOL. Fun facts about me, I love camping!

Hello my name is Lesley, I’m a Drug and Alcohol counselor. (Fun Fact) I’m an artist!

Hello my name is Mary Ann, Drug and Alcohol counselor. Fun fact about me, I love gardening.

Giving Tuesday Support SOL!  SOL Team


The Youth and Family Services’ goal is to empower children, youth and their families to receive full access to education, communication, identity development, and community resources. In addition, YFS is designed to create positive connections and promote the youths’ and families’ overall health and well-being. Youth and Family Services achieves this through supporting programs that provide mentoring services, ASL classes, after school programs, and summer camps.

Transcript: Marla: Hi, We are here for YFS  Kayla: What is YFS?  M: Y stands for Youth, what about F  K: F stands for Family, that means S is..  Both: Services! YFS! K: YFS aims to serve families and youth, including children, in deaf and hard of hearing community in San Diego and we have 5 programs within YFS!  M: What are those 5 programs!?  K: Deaf Youth Literacy Camp, Deaf Coach Services, e5 After School Program, Family ASL Class, and Big Brothers Big Sisters. Those programs really benefit our community. What’s the ultimate goal of those programs? M: Yes, the programs are to empower and support the individuals and their families to navigate through challenges and gain personal skills to make informed choices and become successful!  K: How can you support YFS?  M: The impact we make within YFS cannot be done without your support! Please join us in supporting the success of those programs by making a donation. Both: Youth is our future! Please support DCS!



The goals of DCS’ advocacy services include promoting individual independence, providing accessibility and opportunity, and safeguarding the rights and future of the clients.If you’re looking for a program to improve your skills such as reading, writing, internet and computer use, employment-related topics, and communication using American Sign Language (ASL).

Hi, my name is Wendy, and I am a Director of Advocacy and Community Engagement (ACE). The ACE department includes advocacy services, community outreach, and literacy services. Let’s meet our team! Hello! My name is Thao and I am the Lead Community Educator. I teach classes for two different programs. LEAD offers lessons on reading, writing, math and life skills. DMV driving education, citizenship, work skills PVSA offers lessons on specific work-related topics. How do you enroll them? Contact the Department of Rehabilitation to open your case. If you need help, to open the case with DOR. You can contact front desk to make appointment with advocate. Thank you! Hi! My name is Eric, and My job is Community Advocate. I advocate for my clients, and I love my job because I want to empower them to be independent. The next person is? Meet my other team. Hi! I am Julie and I am a Community Engagement Coordinator. I reached out to a variety of companies, business, nonprofits, and collaborating with other organizations. Provide for presentations and workshops, Do you have any ideas that want to provide for workshop? Welcome to contact us: info@dcsofsd.org Thank you, bye ACE team: Giving! Tuesday! Support! DCS! Thank you!


The DCS Clubhouse is a safe environment for Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Deaf-Blind, and late-deafened persons at risk for or living with behavioral health disorders or in recovery. The Clubhouse is a learning environment where members explore their interests, personal goals, and become confident through a variety of activities. Our mission is to promote healthy living, reduce the risk for behavioral health issues, and support the members to achieve their personal goals.

I am Jeremy and I am the Clubhouse Manager for DCS.

I am Kimberly and I am a Peer Support Specialist.

DCS Clubhouse strives to support members through peer support, making informed choices, and learning more about independent life skills. Through workshops and events, members thrive for greatness and happiness and learn more through interpersonal interactions with other members. We blend our services among members based on challenges that occur over time and finding ways to overcome those challenges that they deal with.
Members are using different tools that are taken from our workshops that we provide at Clubhouse. This is a way we can aid in their growth and journey.As the Program Manager, the best part of my job is being a part of their journey and watching them grow.We all are together as a community to help one another succeed.Kimberly
Providing peer support services to the members is what supports them with decision-making in their journey. Interacting with different members from different backgrounds and cultures is very enriching and I learn from them everyday.
We support the members by having them share their experiences and receive essential resources at the Clubhouse. Most members come for emotional support, peer to peer conversations and an useful guide for life skills, in order to meet halfway with the members’ needs. We listen to their stories so we can figure out a plan and assist with their recovery. We want the members to be successful in the future!
Please donate and support DCS! THANK YOU!


Marlene – We are the Employment Services Team for DCS of San Diego.
Marlene – Hi, we are the Employment Services Team for DCS of San Diego.
(looking at Bethany and Lily) Wow, it’s truly inspiring that our job seekers are being hired to work for different employers in San Diego. (Looking at the community) What kind of jobs our job seekers have been hired to work at!? Employers include Amazon, Legoland, Sea World, UPS, several hotels, offices, schools, and many more! Also, positions include Stocker, Forklift Operator, Inventory, Delivery Driver, Food and Beverage Ambassador, and many more!Lily – Yes! We work with our job seekers to develop resumes, and cover letters, search for jobs, practice mock interviews, prepare for new hire orientation, and teach them how to use communication tools with their workers. Bethany – I want to add that we provide interpreting, communication facilitation, and job coaching for communication access.
We provide interpreting for job seekers’ job interviews, orientations, on-the-job training, workshops, and Job Fairs (Events).
We educate employers about reasonable accommodations for providing ASL Interpreters, among other options, to Deaf workers.Lily – “Employment services provide job seekers a stepping stone to successful employment, as well as serving as productive citizens within the workforce in the San Diego area.”
Bethany – Please make donations and support DCS!
Marlene – We believe in finding equal employment opportunities for the deaf and hard-of-hearing population in San Diego. With your support, we will be able to provide enhanced employment services and bring forth more opportunities!
ALL – Thank you! (Back to looking at each other smiling)



The Leadership Team: Giving Tuesday
When we give collectively—what we can, with what we have, from where we are—we can make massive change happen.

Monique: Empower

Allie: Engage

Christine: Collaborate

Emmanuel: Inspire

Monique: DCS strives to provide quality services and programs to all deaf, hard of hearing, late-deafened, deaf-blind, and deaf-disabled individuals here in San Diego. We aim to advocate and empower our community members in reaching their full potential and gaining full access.

Allie: DCS is committed to raising awareness on accessibility, equity and inclusion, and equal opportunities in areas of education and empowerment for deaf, hard of hearing, late deafened, deaf-blind and deaf-disabled individuals.

Christine: Advocate, educate, serve. This is what DCS values and works towards.

Emmanuel (we all line up with Emmanuel): Your continued support enables us to support our community! Please support us!

[Video Description: The four of the group (leadership team) are dressed in DCS polo shirts and are standing behind the building and plants.]











November 29
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