San Diego DEAFestival 2020

  • Start: October 10, 2020 10:00 am
  • End: October 10, 2020 3:00 pm

Recruiting Committee

SCREENSHOT: DCS logo in two-tone of blue; text: presents on white background

SCREENSHOT: Tye dye background; white logo of San Diego DEAFestival with a tree included hands holding as a trunk; text: 2020 in white

Image Description: Gray background; a person 1 on the left side wearing orange t-shirt, long wavy brown hair with short beard; a person 2 on the right side wearing pink t-shirt, short brown hair with short beard

PERSON 1: Our favorite event is coming this fall!

PERSON 2: Yes, it’s our annual October event, what is it?

PERSON 1: Of course, San Diego DEAFestival

PERSON 2: 2020!

PERSON 1: This year, we want a different approach to the festival.

PERSON 2: That means a new venue, new performers, new ideas, new plans, and new fun!

PERSON 1: With these new ideas, we need new people to help us!

PERSON 2: We looked and asked our community to help, and we found two people we are excited to introduce you to. . .

Image Description: Gray background: two persons in light blue t-shirt facing the background and then jump and turn facing the camera; person 3 on the left side has short light brown hair and eyeglasses; person 4 on the right side has short dark brown hair with a beard

PERSON 3 & 4: Hello! Hello!

PERSON 4: My name is Jeronimo.

PERSON 3: My name is Dylan. Are you excited?

PERSON 4: Yes, I am excited!

PERSON 3: Why?

PERSON 4: Why?! It’s 2020! It will be a huge event, and I am looking forward to it. We need more new people to bring ideas to the table.

PERSON 3: If you are interested in joining the 2020 team, please look at the list of positions and contact us!

PERSON 4: Come on!

Image Description: All 4 persons looking at the camera and smile. Front row, left to right: Person 1; Person 2. Back row, left to right: Person 3: Person 4.

PERSON 1: Now, there are 4 chairs this year!

PERSON 2: Remember SDDF is a community event. We want more community members involved.

PERSON 1: Community event needs community members, so please come and get involved!

PERSON 2: (pointing to the camera)

All 4 persons: pointing to the camera with smile

SCREENSHOT: Available Committees for SDDF: AccessAbility Team, Activities Team, Entertainment Team, Exhibition Team, Kick-Off Team, Media Team, Security Team and Volunteer Team

SCREENSHOT: Contact sddf@dcsofsd.org

SCREENSHOT: Advocate. Educate. Serve.; deafcommunityservices.org; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram icons; logo of Downtown San Diego Lions Club; text: produced by DCS Studio