June 19, 2020


WHITE TEXT: Governor Newsom, Press Conference, June 18, 2020

VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Certified Deaf Interpreter, Rosemary Wanis: A Middle Eastern female with short black and white hair, tan skin, and hazel eyes, wearing a black long-sleeved blouse and navy-blue pants, black background, looking at the camera.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Blue and White graphic with an image of the profile of a person’s head wearing a face mask and blue square with white text: FACE MASK MUST BE WORN.

Governor Newsom: Hello, I am here to announce an executive order that everyone in California must wear Face coverings required in public spaces, inside and outside.  Important to protect yourself and reduce the spread of coronavirus. Use a mask especially in places where physical distancing is not possible.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Different shades of blue and gray of a profile of a person wearing a face mask with an arrow pointing upward toward the nose and downward toward the mouth.

Governor Newsom: Cover mouth and nose – cover sides of the face.  Wash after each time you use it. Cloth masks must be washed every time you use it. Disposable masks do throw away in the garbage and use a new one next time you go out (don’t use the same disposable mask again and again). If you follow these steps, then we will reduce COVID-19.  Thank you!