October 27, 2020

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[VIDEO DESCRIPTION:  Deaf Interpreter, Romduol Ngov, a Khmer genderfluid light skinned brown person with short black hair, wearing a dark green short-sleeve shirt, sitting in front of a black background, looking at the camera.]

[[Top left corner] WHITE TEXT: October 27, 2020]

[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: [Middle left]: Governor Gavin Newsom is a white man with slicked back grey hair. He is wearing a black suit with a light blue shirt and a dark blue tie. He is speaking and gesturing with his hand. He is standing in front of three flags and from left to right, they are the American flag, California state flag and California Office of Emergency Services (CalOES) flag.]


[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: [Bottom left corner] WHITE TEXT: This video made possible with the support of: below White text is the GLAD logo in green/blue. GLAD block letters, above is GLAD in fingerspelled white font and next to GLAD is Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness, Inc.]


DEAF INTERPRETER: Hello, my name is Romdoul and I will be interpreting Governor Newsom’s press conference from today, October 27. The Governor focused on three main issues: the wildfires, vaccines and coronavirus.


[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Picture of dry grass with a trail of orange flames next to black ground burned through with four firefighters in the background fighting the fire.]


GOVERNOR NEWSOM: The first thing I want to discuss are the wildfires, specifically how the California wind and weather impacts the fire. As you know, California has been suffering through higher than normal temperatures. So when you consider that and factor in the dry vegetation and wind strength, you have a recipe for disaster. All of those things encourage dramatic fire growth and spread. The three things combined makes it very difficult to keep the fire controlled. I am about to show you the areas that may be severely impacted by fire growth.


[WHITE TEXT: October 27 Wind Speed:

Kirkwood Ridgetop: 140 mph

San Gabriel Mountains: 96 mph

Orange County: 88 mph


Red Flag Warning End Time:

Northern California: 5:00 pm

Southern California: 11:00 pm]


[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Clip art of white circle with a red flag in the center next to a  black triangle, yellow on the inside of the triangle with a black exclamation point (!)]


GOVERNOR NEWSOM: Keep in mind that even though there is an end time for the Red Flag Warning, there is a possibility that strong winds will continue until Thursday. Northern and Southern California have the highest chance to get very strong winds. We expect the wind speed to reduce around 5pm for Northern California. If you live in Northern California, please stay safe and only go outside if you need to. Wind will continue to around 11pm for Southern California.

[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: [FULL SCREEN TO TOP LEFT CORNER] Firefighter in full gear blasting a hose full of water at an area that is full with orange/yellow flames]


GOVERNOR NEWSOM: California and our firefighters are still battling the fires. We are working very hard to keep the fire as contained as possible.


[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Three firefighters in full gear kneeling on the ground around one firefighter laying on the ground.  Hands are trying to remove the firefighter’s helmet.]

GOVERNOR NEWSOM: Two firefighters have been admitted into a hospital and my heart goes out to them. I want them to know how grateful we are for their hard work and we pray for their quick recovery. They were injured while doing their firefighting duties. I also want to express my gratitude for the firefighters still battling the fires and for sharing one common goal to put out the wildfires while making sure we are all safe.


[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Picture of night sky with background hills//mountain fully ablaze with orange flames with a long line of cars with headlights on coming down from the mountain.]


GOVERNOR NEWSOM: So far it seems that there have been 31 wildfire-related deaths. My heart also goes out to these people and their families. It is important that you stay safe and obey when mandatory evacuation orders are issued. When you are told to leave, please pack your belongings and go to a safe area. Don’t wait! Some people prefer to stay in hotels instead of shelters that provide beds and food. Some people prefer hotels because there is less of a risk of contracting coronavirus. It’s important that you do not share rooms with people outside of your immediate social bubble. And the last wildfire-related thing I want to say is a big thank you to the U.S. Forest Service and CalFire for their neverending hard work in wildfire containment.


[IMAGE DESCRIPTION:  Map of California, Oregon and Washington in dark yellow and Nevada in light yellow]


GOVERNOR NEWSOM: Now, I will talk about vaccines. Before I begin, I want to acknowledge a new group called “The West Coast Government” which was founded not long ago. Their focus is coronavirus and the states involved are Washington, Oregon, Nevada and California. But we also have experts from outside of these states, such as medical experts, science experts, disease control experts, and many more. The government from these states and the experts work together to develop a plan for testing vaccine safety and if it is ready for the public or not. Discussions are ongoing but we are ready to stop discussions and begin the actual planning. For example, suppose when we get the vaccine and we realize there is not enough for everyone in California, how will we handle that? We want to be ready for anything and have backup plans in place. That is preferable to having no backup plan to possible problems and scrambling when these problems arise.


[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: [FULL SCREEN TO TOP LEFT CORNER] Patient with sleeve rolled up to shoulder and a person with white gown and blue latex gloves insertion a syringe into the patient’s upper arm.]


GOVERNOR NEWSOM: Our tentative plan not having enough vaccines for everyone is to prioritize certain groups of people and decide which group gets the vaccine first. For example, we may decide to prioritize older people and senior citizens, or possibly caregivers for people who need medical and in-home support.  Those are just examples. The West Coast Government is still developing plans for these potential issues. When a decision has been made, I will update all of you.


[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: [FULL SCREEN TO TOP LEFT CORNER ] The Coronavirus cell is a gray sphere with orange dots and red stems sticking out all around it.]


GOVERNOR NEWSOM: And my last update is about the coronavirus. The number of people who have coronavirus are increasing slightly and the virus is still spreading. People are still unknowingly spreading the virus to others. More people are being admitted into the hospital for coronavirus as well. The ICU, which serves people suffering from serious medical emergencies, is also seeing an increase of covid patients. I want us to roll up our sleeves and work together to beat this virus. We are all still figuring this out as we go along.


[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: close up picture of a white woman with blond shoulder-length hair with blue disposable mask resting from ears to chin.  A person with white latex gloves is preparing to put a blue nose swab up the woman’s nose.] [IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Picture of patient with mouth wide open and person with blue latex gloves pushing a long swab into the person’s mouth.]


GOVERNOR NEWSOM: I encourage you to get tested for coronavirus. You can do it with a nasal swab or mouth swab. If you are not feeling well and you’re unsure if you have coronavirus, please get tested! If you suspect that you may have had and recovered from coronavirus, there is a test for that as well.


[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Picture of a patient getting blood drawn with a needle with tube connecting to a vial and a person with blue gloves holding the vial.]


GOVERNOR NEWSOM: You can get your blood tested to find out if you  had the virus in the past. There are numerous testing sites all over the state, so please get yourself tested! There are also numerous labs that test your swab to find out if you have the virus. They will let you know the results of your test.


[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: FULL SCREEN TO TOP LEFT CORNER:  Four rows of color bars. The top row is purple with images of skull bones and open hands gesturing “stop”. The second row is red with exclamation points (!) and open hands gesturing “stop”. The third row is orange with thumbs up signs exclamation points. The fourth row is yellow with happy faces and thumbs up signs.]


GOVERNOR NEWSOM: Next I will show which counties have moved down to a different color category.


[PURPLE TEXT: Purple 9 Counties. RED TEXT: Red 22 Counties  Update: Glenn and Mendocino. ORANGE TEXT: Orange: 17 Counties Update: Contra Costa, Marin, San Mateo and Santa Cruz.  YELLOW TEXT: Yellow: 10 Counties Update: Calaveras]


GOVERNOR NEWSOM: That is the most current information available. I understand that some of you may be sick of me repeating the same thing over and over again, but coronavirus is still a very serious problem. Plus the wildfires are forcing people to have to leave their homes because it is not safe.  All of this increases the risk of COVID-19 spreading. These are both very serious problems, and without vaccines, we could all get the virus. So please continue to wear your mask, stay 6 feet apart, wash your hands and avoid crowded places. Please! Thank you.


[FULL SCREEN IMAGE DESCRIPTION: GLAD logo in green/blue. GLAD block letters, above is GLAD in fingerspelled white font and next to GLAD is Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness, Inc.]


Disclaimer: This transcript is a back translation of the Latent Interpretation and is not intended to be a verbatim reproduction of the original message.  For questions, comments, and feedback, please email latentimedia@gmail.com  Thank you!