August 10, 2020

Disclaimer: This transcript is a back translation of the Latent Interpretation and is not intended to be a verbatim reproduction of the original message.  For questions, comments, and feedback, please email  Thank you!

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: [bottom left corner of screen] White text: This video made possible with the support of: LOGO with blue font NORCAL and below SERVICES FOR DEAF & HARD OF HEARING and above in black and teal and green: EMPOWER. EDUCATE. ADVOCATE.

VIDEO DESCRIPTION:  Deaf Interpreter Susan Gonzalez, Mexicana with white-presenting privilege wearing dark-rimmed glasses and a black top with three-quarters sleeve  She has short curly hair and is sitting in front of a beige wall looking at the camera.




DEAF INTERPRETER:  Hi.  I am Susan Gonzalez.  This is the latent interpreting of the August 10, 2020 Governor Newsom’s press conference.


WHITE TEXT: AUGUST 10, 2020 Governor Newsom Press Conference/Q&A

GOVERNOR NEWSOM:  Hello and welcome.  Today I want to respond to different points and focus on two issues:  evictions and unemployment/PUA claims.  We have been pushing for advocacy at the federal level, for an additional stimulus (support) money to this country, individuals, states, and local governments.  We lobbied hard for several months but at the end, I am disappointed that things did not work out.  The President went ahead and signed a new executive order. The orders do not meet the needs of individuals, state, and local  government. If you will recall, that $600 stimulus money that people have been getting ended on July 31, 2020.

WHITE TEXT: $600 Stimulus stopped July 31, 2020

GOVERNOR NEWSOM: Since that time, no new agreements have been made.  Many people had been pushing for new stimulus support.  The President’s new proposal means each state must take responsibility for 25% of the total costs. That means that the State of California must assume 25% of the total costs.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Pie Chart showing 75% (light purple) and 25% (dark purple) with white text next to 75% (from Federal government) and white text next to 25% (from California government)

GOVERNOR NEWSOM: However, the State of California simply does not have that money.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Pie Chart showing 75% and 25% with white text next to 75% (from federal government) and white text next to 25% (from California government) with red slash across entire image.

GOVERNOR NEWSOM:  It will not be possible to do this without severe cuts to programs, services, and benefits. Right now, we have enormous economic stress that requires a huge amount of unemployment insurance.  Without federal support we cannot cover the cost of unemployment insurance. We need the federal government to front those dollars. Yes, California has many resources and the state is strong enough that we can work things out. But to be able to handle $700 million every single week – we really cannot do that.  California is committed to providing financial support for all who need it but to be able to do that, we really need the federal government to provide 100% of the funds.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Two Images: [top image] Clipart of a white house with green lawn and flowers with a Red Slash across it [bottom image] Clipart of a Blue Person walking out a front door.

GOVERNOR NEWSOM: Now, I will focus on the eviction issue.  Today I show you that we have four eviction orders: eviction protection order was signed on March 16. The same order was signed on March 27th for statewide protections.

Those two orders stopped all eviction processes. On April 6th, those two orders were put together by the Judicial Council into one statewide order. This was expected to finish/expire on August 14th.  In the State of California, about 50% of the state’s residents live in cities or counties with eviction protection. California is unique with regards to its diverse communities.  I do want to recognize that we still have racial and ethnic disparities especially in healthcare.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Clip art with a drawing of a pie with 75% in blue and several white people on standing/sitting on the blue part of the pie and 25% of the pie in yellow (where the pie is cut out) with three black and brown people sitting where the yellow pie is cut out.

GOVERNOR NEWSOM: I want to show you one example of this disparity relating to evictions.

WHITE TEXT: ¾ of California renters are behind on paying rent. 62% = Latinx. 10% from Black/African-American

GOVERNOR NEWSOM: 62% of the three-quarters are from the Latinx community.  Close to 10% are from the Black/African-American community.  COVID-19 has really emphasized those disparities.  So, now California is working on raising funds from donations, grants, federal funds to support  critical expenses for example electricity/gas, food, temporary housing.  We have been lucky in that, so far, we have had good success with raising funds. We have had some technological challenges in keeping accurate data.  Big numbers coming in at the same time have caused technical glitches. That makes it a challenge to effectively communicate with local public health officials. We know what happened and why it happened and how to fix it. It is important for me to communicate clearly and be transparent with you about this.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Image of a computer with an error message across the screen with text sad face :(.

GOVERNOR NEWSOM: The reason for the technological glitches was that we had a backlog in keeping records.  This meant we had to go back and review our records.  Then we fixed each and every one of the problems.  Now the problems are  fixed.  Now know the right number of COVID-19 new positive cases is 7,751 for Sunday August 09, 2020.


GOVERNOR NEWSOM: Next, I want to focus on testing itself.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Picture of a dark-skinned health care professional in gown, mask, and clear face shield preparing to but a swab up the nose of a  patient wearing classes and looking at the health care professional.

GOVERNOR NEWSOM: For the weekend of August 8, 2020 and August 9, 2020, 111,000 COVID-19 tests were given on Saturday and 172,000 tests were given on Sunday. That is huge number of testing provided!  That means California has hit almost 9 million tests in total to date.  If you remember, last week Monday August 3, 2020, we informed you 6,300 people entered the hospital with COVID-19.


GOVERNOR NEWSOM:  This represents a  19% decrease. We are really making good progress and moving in the right direction.


GOVERNOR NEWSOM: Right now, we have 5,596 patients in the hospital system. We now have a clear decrease in hospital admissions and ICU admissions

That is exactly what our goal is to be able to move into the right direction in terms of reducing the numbers.  I am sad to inform you that today, Monday, August 10, 2020,  66 people have died from COVID-19.


IMAGE DESCRIPTION: four images back to back: image of blue mask with white elastic, image of hands washing with stopwatch and 20 seconds, clip art of several black figurines in a crowd with a red slash across.

GOVERNOR NEWSOM:  Now, I want remind you and stress the importance of:

Continuing to wear your mask,Continuing to wash your hands,Continuing to physical distance yourself at a minimum of 6 feet, and, Minimizing social activities; stay with family and/or close friends.  With that, I’m happy to take any questions.

QUESTION: Last week Monday during your press conference, did you already know about the computer glitch?  When did the computer problem first come up?

ANSWER: Governor Newsom:  I knew about it approximately Monday evening. I contacted Dr Ghaly and we met and looked at the data and figured out that we had to go back 14 days.  We didn’t know right away but found out about it quickly and we went ahead and figured out what the problem was and fixed it.

QUESTION: Did the Department of Public Health withhold the information and not tell you about the technological problems? Why not tell you quickly?

ANSWER: Governor Newsom: Yes we did have staff changes, new approaches, and new communication connections. This means we have new ways to address different issues. That’s why we are now communicating with you to be more transparent.

QUESTION: My question is about what you said was related to technology error as I thought it was more of a human error.  Why don’t you tell us why Dr. Angel resigned? I think this is important for the public to know.

ANSWER: Governor Newsom: I take full responsibility for this issue. It is my responsibility to manage all details; there is a lot of information that is taken into account.  I am not trying to hide information from the public, just too many details involved which requires discussions with several different individuals which led to a lot of different decisions. But again, I take full responsibility.

QUESTION: Did the technology error have an impact on what is being reported for the counties that are on the monitoring list?  How will you handle correcting the numbers going backwards and going forward? How will you address those applying for school waivers?Why is it okay for counties on the monitoring list to open childcare centers but not to open schools?

ANSWER:  Governor Newsom: We will go back in and fix all the numbers but I do not expect to see a big change.  That important yes especially for schools reopening but still not expect a big change, such as a major increase or decrease in numbers).  I also want to remind you childcare centers are open specifically for essential workers who are needed to keep our healthcare services going.  Child care centers are not open to all.

QUESTION: Need clarification as some schools are reopening in some counties. For example Orange County was put on the monitoring list but is a large county; north part big hit COVID-19 but south part was not. Depending on the backlog of numbers can the waiver allow for a split in the county to allow some cities to apply for a waiver to reopen some schools and some not?

ANSWER: Governor Newsom:  No, the waiver process applies to the whole county.  There are many details that we have to look at to decide who gets a waiver and who doesn’t.  It applies to the entire county.

QUESTION: My question has two parts: Please clarify who can and who can’t take the COVID-19 test (nose, mouth swab or blood) and what is the turnaround time to get test results?

ANSWER: Governor Newsom:  First priority is for who can take the test goes first to people who have symptoms of COVID-19-focus  so that they can get the treatment they need fast.  Second priority is for people who are in close contact with others who have COVID-19 so that we can try to block transmission.  Anyone

can get a COVID-19 test but just keep in mind that tests are provided based on priority and availability.  The turnaround time depends on the lab; some are done within 24 hours, some take 48 hours, and others take 72 hours.  The larger labs are doing much better now; whereas, before it was taking 7-9 days and now we are seeing results in a shorter time frame of 5-7 days.

FULL SCREEN IMAGE DESCRIPTION: White text: This video made possible with the support of: LOGO with blue font NORCAL and below SERVICES FOR DEAF & HARD OF HEARING and above in black and teal and green: EMPOWER. EDUCATE. ADVOCATE.



Disclaimer: This transcript is a back translation of the Latent Interpretation and is not intended to be a verbatim reproduction of the original message.  For questions, comments, and feedback, please email   Thank you!