August 3, 2020

Disclaimer: This transcript is a back-translation of the Latent Interpretation and is not intended to be a verbatim reproduction of the original message.  For questions, comments, and feedback, please email  Thank you!


VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Certified Deaf Interpreter, Jim Brune, A White male with blonde/brown hair and blue eyes wearing a dark maroon collared shirt with buttons down the front.  Sitting in front of orange painted wall with a tan lampshade in the corner.


DEAF INTERPRETER: Hello, I am Jim Brune. This video will condense the information provided by California Governor Newsom in his press conference on Monday, August 3rd.


IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Picture of Governor Newsom in a dark jacket suit, white shirt, and a blue tie, smiling and looking at the camera.  American flag and California state flag in the background. The bottom of the screen is a black headline with white text: From Governor Newsom, August 3, 2020.


GOVERNOR NEWSOM: Good afternoon. Some of you may remember two months ago on June 1st, I announced a major concern for Imperial County, which is located near San Diego.


BLACK HEADLINE: at bottom of the screen: Coronavirus update: Imperial County

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: at the top corner of the screen: California state map with Imperial County shaded in red and a red arrow pointing to show Imperial County north of Mexico border and southmost part of California.


GOVERNOR NEWSOM: The number of people who have been infected with COVID is increasing. As a result, hospitals have become overwhelmed and overburdened.


IMAGE DESCRIPTION: White male doctor with gray hair and glasses, wearing a white coat, mask, and stethoscope sitting down at a table with his hand on his head as if tired.


GOVERNOR NEWSOM:  ICUs are full of people who have COVID and ambulances are kept busy with the amount of work constantly delivering people to hospitals. Also, doctors, nurses, hospital staff are all exhausted. In response to this need, we have developed a new system and the goal is to reduce the burden on our hospitals.


IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Person in full gown and mask sitting on the floor with hand on the head as if very tired.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: California state map with Imperial County shaded in red and a red arrow pointing to show Imperial County north of Mexico border and southmost part of California.  Red arrows moving upward and north to the northeast from Imperial County across California.  To the left of the map of California are two circles, one with clip art of a person with a fever, and the other is a full red circle with a white cross in the middle.


GOVERNOR NEWSOM: One way we accomplished this was to send 650 patients from hospitals in Imperial County to hospitals in northern California that are not at maximum capacity. Another goal is to provide personal protective equipment (PPE) like gowns, head coverings, face shields, masks, and gloves for doctors and nurses.


IMAGE DESCRIPTION: White square with clip arts of gown, head covering, face shield, mask, and gloves.


GOVERNOR NEWSOM: While providing this support for hospital employees, we are also working hard to educate the community. I find the system to be successful and we are now starting to implement the same system for other counties statewide.  Last week, I mentioned constructing a plan to help support the Central Valley and the eight counties within.


BLACK HEADLINE: Coronavirus Update: Central Valley

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: California map in green with Central Valley counties shaded in blue in the middle of the map.

WHITE TEXT with Black Background: Fresno, Kern, Kings, Madera, Merced, San Joaquin, Tulare, Stanislaus Counties.


GOVERNOR NEWSOM: The reason for this focus on the Central Valley is the growing number of positive cases there and the increase in hospitalization and ICU rates. If you were to ask me today what the most concerning area in the state of California is, I would tell you it is the Central Valley. We have noticed that other areas of California have stabilized regarding their rate of infection. Southern California, for example, has decreased its number of positive cases. However, the numbers that we are seeing in the Central Valley remain to be a serious concern.


IMAGE DESCRIPTION: White Square with Coronavirus image on the top left with a diagonal black arrow going from bottom left to the top right of the square.  Under the arrow is figures of people showing a number of people with Coronavirus has gone up.

GOVERNOR NEWSOM: This means that it is important for us to work in conjunction with federal agencies, private companies, and non-profit organizations for the purposes of building a support system focused on the Central Valley.  Last week, I announced new funding amounting to 52 million dollars for the purposes of improving the process of contact tracing. If a person becomes sick with COVID, then we want to be able to find out where and how it was transmitted to them. We do this by tracing the contacts that this person has made recently. Who have they been socializing with? Who has been near them?


IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Blue Square with white text: $52,000,000 in the square is a head with fever thermometer on head, air blows from mouth to two other heads with fever.  Each head with fever blows air from mouth to two more heads to show spread of Coronavirus.


GOVERNOR NEWSOM: This 52 million dollars of funding will be allotted to studying how COVID-19 spreads. An additional 6.5 million dollars from a private company called the Sierra Health Foundation has been collected in order to help lower-income families afford rent, bills, and/or food.


IMAGE DESCRIPTION: White box with $6,500,000 with clip arts of a hand with money given (green arrow) to a person with pockets out and emptied going to (three green arrows) a red apple (food), bills, and house (rent).


GOVERNOR NEWSOM: This new funding is crucial because the COVID pandemic has strongly impacted our diverse communities within the Central Valley. This is why we stress such a strong focus on our essential workers such as doctors, nurses, police, firefighters, farmers, retail workers and the like that are being impacted by the virus.


BLACK HEADLINE: Coronavirus Update: Health


GOVERNOR NEWSOM: Now I would like to discuss the numbers. Yesterday there were 5,739 people who contracted the virus. This number is only for one day and it applies to the entire state of California.


IMAGE DESCRIPTION:  White box with clip art blue drawing of a profile of a head tilted bag and abstract green swab up the nose.


GOVERNOR NEWSOM: We are currently testing many people daily. On average, we test about 127,000 people each day. Yesterday, we tested 149,000 people and a few days ago we actually reached 177,000 in one day. This is great news. The number of tests we are able to give each day is increasing. It is important to realize that as we test more and more people, the number of positive results are decreasing. This is also good news.


IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Picture of Rows of empty hospital beds with blue curtains in between pulled back.


GOVERNOR NEWSOM: Additionally, the number of people going to hospitals with COVID is declining and actually, overall, we are seeing a 91 percent availability within California hospitals. Admissions to the ICU have dropped 5 percent. Once again, these numbers reflect the entire state of California, not just one area. I feel optimistic about the next few weeks. It is important that we continue to collect new information and data. We have to keep on fighting.


BLACK HEADLINE: Coronavirus Update: Education


GOVERNOR NEWSOM: I would like to turn now to the monitoring list of counties that are of concern. There are currently 38 counties of this list, and that is including San Mateo County. Most of the people that live in California live within these 38 counties.


IMAGE DESCRIPTION:  Picture of inside of a school classroom with children sitting at individual desks, all wearing masks, one student has their hand raised.


GOVERNOR NEWSOM: It is especially important for us to watch the counties on this list now because the Fall is fast approaching and the new school year will start soon.


IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Student sitting at a desk with several computers screens, keyboard, and textbooks open while looking at the screen.


GOVERNOR NEWSOM: There have been so many discussions regarding whether or not schools will open and whether they will have regular classes or remote instruction. The goal for each of these counties is to be removed from this monitoring list. If a county is off of the list for two weeks, then they can start discussing the idea of students returning to in-person classes.


BLACK HEADLINE: Coronavirus Update: Quarantine


GOVERNOR NEWSOM: However, if a county is removed for a time and then put back on this list, students will not be able to return. It is important to keep a close eye on these counties.


IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Clip art of a house and a family standing outside of the house with a green tree in background. Next to the family are four images: spray bottle, soap dispenser, hand sanitizer bottle, and hand wipes.


GOVERNOR NEWSOM: It is important to note those who have multiple people in their households. We are seeing COVID being spread just from people just socializing in their backyards and within their own homes. So, if you are living in a house with someone who has contracted the virus, please stay at home.


IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Drawing of a person inside a house/roof with the number 14 to the bottom right.


GOVERNOR NEWSOM: It is important that you not share personal items with other people. It is also crucial to clean the surfaces within your home, such as tables and chairs. The COVID virus can easily spread through these surfaces. Once again, I want to stress the steps we can all take in order to reduce the number of people that contract the virus. We need to be quarantining. We need to be wearing masks and practicing social distancing. We need to wash our hands often and avoid larger social gatherings.


BLACK HEADING: Coronavirus Update; Deaths

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Picture of cemetery with cement headstone sticking up from grass.


GOVERNOR NEWSOM: Just yesterday, there were a total of 32 people that died as a result of COVID. I know this seems like a small number to many of you, but you need to understand that the number of deaths statewide has increased over the past few weeks. This number includes a teenager from Fresno, California. This shows that COVID is still a threat to us. It can kill. Again, It is so very important for all of us within our communities to wear masks, follow proper social distancing guidelines, avoid gatherings, and wash our hands frequently. If we all commit to these practices, we will see the number of cases go down.


BLACK HEADING: Coronavirus Update: Businesses


GOVERNOR NEWSOM: I also want to mention that we have made thousands of visits to various bars and restaurants and other businesses out in the community. Most of these businesses are doing a great job following the rules that have been set in place. Of course, others are not doing as well and unfortunately you may be fined for failing to follow these guidelines.  I do want to say a big thank you to all the different companies and workers out there that are making an effort to follow these rules and regulations.


BLACK HEADING: Coronavirus Update: Questions


Disclaimer: This transcript is a back translation of the Latent Interpretation and is not intended to be a verbatim reproduction of the original message.  For questions, comments, and feedback, please email  Thank you!