July 1, 2020

Latent Interpreting Video Ready to Post for Governor Newsom’s Press Conference from July 1, 2020:

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Counties impacted (on County Monitoring List): Contra Costa, Fresno, Glenn, Imperial, Kern, Kings, Los Angeles, Merced, Orange, Riverside, Sacramento, San Bernardino, San Joaquin, Santa Barbara, Santa Clara, Solano, Stanislaus, Tulare, and Ventura.


WHITE TEXT: Governor Gavin Newsom, Press Conference, July 1, 2020

VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Certified Deaf Interpreter, Rosemary Wanis: A Middle Eastern female with short black and white hair, tan skin, and hazel eyes, wearing a black long-sleeved blouse, standing in front of a blue background,  looking at the camera.

Transcript: Governor Newsom

Good afternoon everybody and thank you for watching.  I have some important announcements to share about modifying our health orders here in the state of California. But first, I want to explain why these changes are needed.  In California, we are seeing an increase in COVID-19 positive cases and an increase in the number of people taking the tests and testing positive.

This is enough of a reason to be concerned.  Focus on businesses where an increase in a spread is more likely to happen. We are working with health officials all across the state of California and within counties, large and small, up and down the state. Now, we have worked together to put out the following new guidelines in the state. Certain sectors of the state we are now requiring they closed their indoor operations due to the spread of the virus. This applies to all counties that have been on what we refer to as the County Monitoring Lists for at least three consecutive days.  When I first brought up the County Monitoring List, we only had 11 counties on that list. Then it went up to 15 and now we are up to 19.  Remember the dimmer switch concept of lights dimming up or dimming down?  We are now looking at lights dimming down again to slow the spread of the virus.  Those 19 counties are directly impacted by dimming down, meaning that we will close down businesses for 3 days in a row.  Remember California has 58 counties, 19 of those counties have over  70% of the total population. This focuses on indoor parts of different businesses that have to be closed.  Includes restaurants, wineries, wine tasting rooms, family entertainment centers (arcades, amusement parks), movie theaters, zoos, museums, and cardrooms (casinos).

IMAGE DESCRIPTIONS: Picture of inside dining restaurant with people sitting at tables with red X on it and white text INDOOR below picture, Picture of outdoor dining restaurant with people sitting at tables with umbrellas with green checkmark and white text OUTDOOR below picture, Picture of winery outside with green checkmark and white text WINE TASTING OUTDOOR, Picture of people standing at a bar holding up their glasses smiling looking at the camera with a red X mark and white text WINE TASTING INDOOR, Picture of people in a rollercoaster with arms raised with red X mark with white text AMUSEMENT PARK,  Picture of an indoor movie theater with people watching a movie on the big screen with red X mark and white text INDOOR MOVIE THEATER, Picture of a zoo with people looking at animals with red X mark and white text ZOO, Picture of Museum with people looking at a painting with red X mark and white text MUSEUM, Picture of people playing roulette in a cardroom with red X mark.

Governor Newsom: Most casinos are run by Native American tribes.  We can’t shut them down, but we are having conversations with them on what is safe and what they might be able to do.  Casinos, cardrooms not run by Native Americans are closed.   I want to be clear what I mean by inside rooms closed.  Restaurants are still open, you can sit outside, you can order for pick up or delivery.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Picture up close of a person giving another person a carryout beverage holder with cups inside and a brown bag with food inside with a green checkmark and white text: TAKE OUT ORDERS.

Governor Newsom: But the inside of the restaurant is closed.  It was open, but now they are closed for three days in a row.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: White squares with numbers 1, 2, 3 in black font inside and white text underneath: 3 days.

Governor Newsom:  Already been concerned about bars being open.  Again with those 19 counties, all bars are closed for the next three days.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Picture of the inside of bar dimmed can see the backs of people sitting at the bar with red, orange, and yellow lights, with a red X mark and white text BARS.

Governor Newsom: I have been worried about people going to the beaches. LA and Ventura’s counties have completely closed their beaches for this 4th of July weekend.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Picture of people at a beach with an American Flag and a red X mark with white text Beaches  Los Angeles and Ventura underneath.

Governor Newsom: For other parts of California: Monterey, Santa Cruz, Bay Area, all the way up to Sonoma county

WHITE TEXT: Monterey, Santa Cruz, Bay Area, Sonoma County

Governor Newsom: and Southern California we are allowed limited parking and a limited number of cars that can drive through the beach.  That information is on our parks’ website. These changes start today, July 1.  This change applies to beaches and state parks because people are not able to practice social distancing.  This weekend is the 4th of July weekend. Many Health Directors are worried about the holiday weekend.  We want to remind each and every one of you if we want to beat COVID-19, we have to keep our physical distancing from others, keep ourselves away from situations where we might get or spread the virus.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Picture of the night sky with fireworks

We already discussed with those 19 counties on the list that they should cancel their fireworks shows and programs.  Several fireworks shows have already canceled all over California including LA, SF, and Sacramento.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Picture of the night sky with fireworks with white block and red letters CANCELLED diagonally across the fireworks picture

Governor Newsom: If we see the virus slow down over the next three days through July 4th weekend then we can maybe start to open again.  The other way that COVID-19 is increasing is from family gatherings. For the 4th of July maybe you plan to have family over but you can’t.  You can only be with the family/people that you live with.  Can’t have family and friends from different homes gathering together.  I know you want to have a good time, have a BBQ, do something fun together, celebrate the Fourth of July, I get that, but this is not the right time.  Please don’t!

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Picture of large crowds of people in outdoor space with white text HUGE CROWDS.

Governor Newsom: Next about crowds, please avoid those crowds. Please make the right decisions, respect others, and be responsible for yourself. If you go to the beach and there is a crowd, don’t stay, leave.  If you go to a park and there are a lot of people there, don’t stay, leave. If you go to a shopping center, a business, or an outdoor event, and there are a lot of people there, don’t stay, leave.  Now about-face coverings, the mandate on wearing masks still continues. A way of protecting you and others is by wearing your mask. That continues through the 4th of July weekend too.  Please be serious and wear your masks.

WHITE TEXT: Last 24 hours, 110 died

Governor Newsom: In the past 24 hours, 110 people have died from COVID-19 in California.

WHITE TEXT: 40 Million people in California

Governor Newsom: California has 40 million people living here.  If all 40 million of us ignore the rules, refuse to wear a mask, refuse to stay 6-feet apart, stop washing our hands, then we are going to see a tremendous rise in the number of deaths.  If we all follow the rules and be safe, we will save lives by protecting ourselves and others. I have been warning about you going to restaurants, bars, etc as a customer but I want you to also think about the people who work in these spaces.  Businesses are requiring masks for their customers but maybe not for their employees.  For example health care workers, meatpacking plants.  They are already putting their lives at risk.  Cal/OSHA will have “strike teams” – these are groups of people that will go to workplaces to check and make sure that they are following the guidelines set by California.  The teams include CalOSHA (focus on workplaces), Alcohol Beverage Control (focus on places that sell alcohol – restaurants, bars, liquor stores), Barbers and Cosmetology Board (hair and nail salons).

WHITE TEXT:  CalOSHA, Alcohol Beverage Control, Barbers and Cosmetology Board

Governor Newsom: I don’t want to punish businesses but I do want people to follow the guidelines.  We want counties to follow our guidelines.  Thank you to Imperial County (East of San Diego, north of Mexico) for following the guidelines.  They have done a great job of listening and working hard to address COVID-19 in their areas.   Yesterday, we recorded 5,898 new cases of COVID-19, 5,898 cases of COVID-19 on June 30.

WHITE TEXT: JUNE 30, 5,898 new cases COVID-19 in 1 day

Governor Newsom: Positivity rate, again this is the percentage of people tested, percentage that were tested positive for COVID-19. The positivity rate, the first 14 days that we began putting this information together was as high as 40.8%. We are providing an average of 60,000 to 80,000 tests every day.  Our positive rate went from 40.8% went all the way down to 4.6% and now is at 6%. That increase from 4.6 to 6% may seem like nothing but it does have a huge impact because that is only within a short time frame (about 1 week) really more like 6.4%.

WHITE TEXT: APRIL 40.8%, MAY 4.6 %, JULY 1 6.4%

Governor Newsom: We can’t relax. We have to keep working hard to stop the spread of COVID-19.  Hospitalization rates have gone up to 5,196 individuals, that were hospitalized for COVID-19. That represents a 51% increase from where we were just two weeks ago.  ICU admissions have gone up 47% in the past two weeks.

WHITE TEXT: Hospitalizations = 5,196 increase 51% in 2 weeks, ICU increase 47% in 2 weeks

Governor Newsom: For those 19 counties on the watch and close list, we hope that they have enough hospital and ICU beds available.  Again, I want to emphasize the importance of wearing a face mask!  The 4th of July is this weekend, please be careful.  Avoid crowds, don’t interact with people outside of your family.  Do the right thing and we will beat this virus.   Don’t think of wearing a face mask as a bad thing.  Think of it as a way to tell the world, I respect myself and respect you.  I want to protect myself and protect you, that is why I am wearing a mask.  The mask becomes something beautiful and valued! If you go to the store, that is fine, don’t interact with others.  If you go to the restaurant to pick up food, that is fine, don’t interact with others. Keep washing your hands often and thoroughly.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: a rectangle with hands washing and stopwatch in middle and 20 seconds in pink

I encourage all people over age 65 to stay home.

WHITE TEXT: Program for age 65+  called GREAT PLATES

We have a program called “Great Plates” that can deliver three healthy meals to your home every day.

WHITE TEXT: 3 healthy meals delivered to your home

Go to COVID19.ca.gov for more information about “Great Plates.”

WHITE TEXT: www.covid19.ca.gov

Thank you.


Disclaimer: This transcript is a back-translation of the Latent Interpretation and is not intended to be a verbatim reproduction of the original message.

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