July 24, 2020

Disclaimer: This transcript is a back-translation of the Latent Interpretation and is not intended to be a verbatim reproduction of the original message.

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VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Deaf Interpreter, Romduol Ngov, A Khmer genderfluid person with dark skin and black hair, wearing a black shirt, standing in front of a black background, looking at the camera


IMAGE DESCRIPTION:  Picture of Governor Newsom sitting with hands on a desk, looking at the camera


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DEAF INTERPRETER: Hello. I’m Romduol, and I will be interpreting Governor Newsom’s press conference that occurred today, July 24th.


IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Picture of Governor Newsom standing in front of the California flag and image of the shape of California, under the picture is the white text: Governor Newsom, Press Conference, July 24, 2020


GOVERNOR NEWSOM: I would like to say, and I know I’ve said this quite often, we all know it is important. It is possible that you might think it’s no big deal to be inviting two or three or four people over to have a small gathering, as long as those people have not been sick or knowingly exposed to COVID. That might not seem like such a big deal, as long as everyone wears a mask and practices social distancing. No, absolutely not. Because of those gatherings, being informal, people might forget that they NEED to wear their masks. They might begin to touch high-contact things, such as tables, drinks, each other – and THAT is what spreads COVID. It is that easy.


IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Cartoonish drawing of two people standing, shaking hands, one is blowing their nose with a tissue, and green text in between them reads HONK!  Green germs all over the place.


GOVERNOR NEWSOM: The same thing goes for children playing together – do not encourage that. Children by nature are high contact, especially in play and that spreads COVID very easily. That can cause people to become sick. Be cautious. Stay home. Go out only for essential trips such as to work, to pick up prescriptions, to get groceries. That should be all. Going out to have a good time and play or socialize is strongly discouraged. Remember that some people live with elderly people. That means that people going out to socialize could unknowingly become carriers and bring COVID back home to their elders, causing those people to become sick and die. It is that easy. Younger people can become sick and feel mild symptoms before they recover because their bodies are more resistant and can easily fight off sicknesses, while older people have weaker immune systems that are more susceptible to infection and more likely to die. Don’t do that. Care for your elders. Stay home.  Our safety is our primary concern. COVID is still out there. It hasn’t gone away. We still do not have a treatment that is effective at combating COVID. We still do not have a vaccine. It is imperative that we stay at home. Wear masks. Social distance ourselves. Wash our hands. Please, for our personal safety and those in our communities.


IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Picture of several people standing in a room, all with masks on.


I would like to also update you on some things we’ve seen through our research. Essential workers like farmworkers, cooks, truck drivers,


IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Picture of a man standing with a mask and a hat with hands-on hip-looking away from the camera, standing in front of a white Commercial Truck.


GOVERNOR NEWSOM: cashiers, construction workers,


IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Picture of several people with hard hats, bright orange, and bright yellow shirts working outside in a construction zone.


GOVERNOR NEWSOM:  and such – a high percentage of those essential workers I have mentioned are Mexicans. We need to focus on and support those workers, simply because so many things we have are due to their labor. For example, the fresh fruit and vegetables in our grocery stores are harvested, loaded onto trucks, and put into the stores by farmworkers, truck drivers and grocery store workers. If something were to happen to disrupt that supply cycle, we would be faced with shortages. Those people are essential and we need to support them. Another fact that has become apparent in our research is that those people are typically poor. They live in one house with several other people. If they were to be diagnosed with COVID, they wouldn’t want to go home and infect four or five other people who lived in the same household. We have established shelters where those workers can recuperate in their own room without fear of exposing others. Once they have recovered they can go back to work and their families/households. That is one way of providing support to our essential workers. They are not people who can afford to have two or three houses. Those people who do have two or three houses, can easily isolate themselves in another house and recover. The majority of our population cannot afford two or three houses. It is imperative that we provide support and care for those essential workers.


IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Picture of a female nurse in green scrubs standing next to a senior citizen male using a walker, they are looking at each other and smiling.  In the background, a male nurse in blue scrubs is delivering a food try to a female senior citizen sitting on a hospital bed.


GOVERNOR NEWSOM: Another population that seems to be easily affected and exposed to COVID is those people who work in care homes. Those could be facilities for senior citizens or services that provide in-home support services for people who have disabilities. In our studies, we have found that those caretakers are the ones who are unintentionally spreading COVID. We have found that while the corporations regulate the cleaning regulations – those workers are not strictly following those regulations and then on their lunch breaks are socializing without masks with their peers, thus exposing each other and becoming carriers. Those caretakers then go back to working with their individual patients and expose those patients. Due to those, we have realized that those caretakers need to follow all the regulations and wear their masks all day. They can only take the masks off when they are off duty and on the way home.


IMAGE DESCRIPTIONS: Two pictures side by side, male with short dark hair with a cloth mask, looking away from the camera, Female with long hair pulled back with a cloth mask, looking away from the camera.


GOVERNOR NEWSOM: Taking masks off during breaks at work is not acceptable. They need to consistently wear their masks until they are off work and at home, then they can take off their masks and either dispose of them or washcloth masks. We all need to follow those regulations.

Some other issues that have also come up are that people think they cannot afford to get tested. There are three methods of being tested – nasal swab, oral swab, or antibody tests.


IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Health care worker with full gown and face shied putting a swab up the nose of a male with eyes closed and a pained expression on his face.


GOVERNOR NEWSOM: I want to make sure you are aware that if you need to take a test – you can take a test. Insurance will pay for your test. If you are feeling ill, please go and take a test. If you have a positive result indicating that you do have COVID, we have that special shelter I mentioned previously where you can isolate and recover. If you do not have a positive test, you can go back to work. It is imperative that we follow the regulations. If you are sick, please get tested and isolated. We do not want you to think that you can just toughen it out. That “toughen it out” will expose more people to COVID, and potentially cause people to get sick and die. Please do not do that. Safety should be our primary concern. Follow social distancing guidelines. Wear your mask. Wash your hands.


IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Picture of hands under a faucet with running water and soap lathered hands.


GOVERNOR NEWSOM: If you are an essential worker and you feel sick, please let your employer know and get tested. If you are positive, you will be asked who you have been interacting with, who you live with – contact tracing questions – and people will be informed that they could have potentially been exposed to COVID and requested to come in and take a test. All of this effort is being taken in order to reduce the spread and contain COVID.


IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Picture of seven essential workers standing in line looking at the camera.  All dressed in either doctor, nurse, firefighter, police, or military uniforms.

GOVERNOR NEWSOM: Another concern that we have seen is that places of employment that have over 500 employees, such as firefighters, police officers, doctors, and nurses – those places of employment are ineligible for federal dollars. That means that those employees who become sick are not able to inform their employers that they are sick and request time off in order to rest and recover. We need to temporarily change that due to COVID. Please understand that those changes would be temporary – when we have a vaccine, when we have a treatment for COVID – we can go back to operating as usual without those time-off restrictions. But for the time being, we need those places of employment to allow their employees who are sick to take time off in order to reduce the spread. That is essential. We need to take care of our people and reduce the spread of COVID. Again, before I close this press conference, I want to again remind you to please follow the three regulations we have: wear your mask, social distance yourself, wash your hands, and do not host gatherings.


IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Clipart of faceless people standing next to each other with arms around each others’ necks with under the image: LIMIT SOCIAL GATHERINGS AND TIME SPENT IN PUBLIC PLACES.


GOVERNOR NEWSOM: Please wait until our numbers have gone down until we have a medical treatment until we have a vaccine. After we have those two things, we can go back to enjoying ourselves in gatherings, hikes trips to the beaches, or have our children back in the classroom. All that is possible, as long as we all decide how we will personally take responsibility. Remember that the WHEN is not important – what we should be focusing on is how we are each individually contributing to reducing the spread. Wear your mask. Social distance yourself, wash your hands and do not host gatherings. Avoid gatherings.  Thank you.


Disclaimer: This transcript is a back-translation of the Latent Interpretation and is not intended to be a verbatim reproduction of the original message.

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