July 6, 2020

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VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Certified Deaf Interpreter, Jim Brune, A White male with blonde/brown hair, blonde/white goatee, and blue eyes wearing a blue collared shirt with a black vest with buttons down the front.  Sitting in front of orange painted wall with a tan lampshade on his left and a room divider on the right.


IMAGE DESCRIPTION:  Picture of Governor Newsom standing in front of the California state flag with a cut out of the state of California in red with  a white image of the capitol building in front. The words in white tet: at the bottom:  Governor Newsome Q&A July 8, 2020

Deaf Interpreter: Hello, this is Jim with a summary of Governor Newsom’s Press Conference from Monday, July 6, 2020

Governor Newsom: Hello, hope you all enjoyed your 4th of July holiday weekend.  I have several points to share with you.  The first is about the counties that we are monitoring. Last week we were monitoring 19 counties because of the high number of cases and hospital capacity.  These counties and their health officers are working closely with the state to get their numbers down and improve hospital capacity.  Now we are up to 23 counties that we are monitoring by adding the following 6 counties:  Colusa, Madera, Marin, Merced, Monterey, and San Diego.

WHITE TEXT: Six more counties on the watch list:  Colusa, Madera, Marin, Merced, Monterey, San Diego.

Governor Newsom: The next thing I want to share with you is related to enforcement.  As we open businesses we want to be sure they are following all the guidelines that protect employees and customers to ensure all are safe and healthy.

WHITE TEXT: California Rules, Apply to all businesses in CA

IMAGE DESCRIPTIONS: Four pictures appear one after the other.  People standing in line wearing masks and hats/hoods.  Drawing of people standing apart in a circle around white text: Show you care by keeping a distance. Picture of two hands lathered in soap under running water in a sink.  Picture of several signs with a red sign with white letters: Face covering required on the premises with a white outline of a head wearing a mask.

Governor Newsom: Guidelines for California apply to all businesses in the state and include: 1) Masks must be worn by staff and customers, 2) Physical distance measures, 3) Wash hands, and 4) Signage in business on masks and physical distancing

Another way we are enforcing guidelines is the entity that oversees bars and restaurants as well as for the board that oversees barbers and salons.  We have been sending strike teams to go into these businesses to check and ensure compliance with guidelines (masks, distancing, hand washing, etc.) I want to applaud cities that are already making great changes including West Hollywood, Santa Monica, and others.  Workplace safety uses masks and physical distancing. We are working with them to remind and ensure that these guidelines are followed.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Picture closeup of a parking enforcement officer with a handheld device that issues tickets and a closeup of a car windshield wiper. Under the wiper is a yellow paper with black letters: PENALTY CHARGE NOTICE, DO NOT IGNORE.

Governor Newsom: We have issued some citations for not following the guidelines.  Sometimes that includes a money fine from $100 to $500.  Some fines are up to $1,000.000.  But again that is not my goal to go after people and fine them.  At the same time, we want you to work with us to keep COVID-19 down.  We want to be sure that people are protected as well as our communities.

WHITE TEXT: COVID-19 Case Numbers: 5,699 on July 5, 7,876 7-day Average

Governor Newsom:  Looking at today’s total COVID-19 case numbers we are at 5,699 new cases with an average over the past 7 days of 7,876 new cases.  We showed you the comparison of the number of tests given and the number of positive results showing how many people have the virus.  In the past two weeks ago the number of positivity cases was at 6.8% and as of today, it is 7.2%.

WHITE TEXT: Positive Cases, 2 weeks ago: 6.8% Today: 7.2%

Governor Newsom: Now let’s review how many COVID-19 cases have been hospitalized over the past two weeks.

WHITE TEXT:  COVID-19 Hospitalization, 6/22 – 3868.  6/28 – 4,776. 7/5 – 5,790 ( 50% increase in 2 weeks)

WHITE TEXT: Hospital Beds.  73,867 total beds.  4,095 beds being used.  5,790 beds for COVID-19.  8% beds full, 92% beds available.

Governor Newsom: Now let’s look at the total capacity from all of our hospitals in California.  We have a total of 73,867 beds with 4,095 being used.  5,790 beds are reserved for COVID-19 patients and are currently at 8% full which means 92% of these beds are available for COVID-19 patients.  We have to watch this number, we can’t relax, because this number applies to the whole state of California. Keep in mind, some areas may have hospitals that are full and some that are not.

WHITE TEXT: ICU admissions are increasing,  6/28 = 1465.  7/5 = 1706. (39% increase in 2 weeks). 1,706 ICU COVID-10 patients. 3,882 ICU COVID-19 beds available.

11,058 ICU beds available. 15% full. 11,416 ventilators

Governor Newsom:  ICU is reserved for those who go to the hospital and need critical care.  As of June 28, we had 1,496 COVID-19 patients in the ICU, and by July 5 that was up by 39% to 1,706.  In all of California, there are a total of 11,058 ICU beds and now we are at 15% full with COVID-19 patients.  California has a total of 11,416 ventilators that can be used by patients in the ICU.  Even though we have plenty of beds available, these numbers are important for us to watch and study for the whole state of California.  Keep in mind, numbers will vary by county.

WHITE TEXT: Recent State Actions

Governor Newsom: Now to explain some of our most recent state actions to show what California is already doing.  We already closed indoor operations for 3 days in the 23 counties on the watch list. Dining inside is not allowed but dining outside is acceptable.

We closed all the bars in 23 counties. Closed state beaches and parking areas in Southern California and Bay Area for the 4th of July weekend. I want to thank leaders in cities and counties for their actions, they did very well this past weekend with a positive effect on educating and protecting people. Thank you to all of the counties for taking responsibility to learn and making changes. These changes are important to bring our COVID-19 numbers down.  The counties following the state of California guidelines and executive orders are: (the first list is following county enforced guidelines, the second list is following state-enforced guidelines, the third list the state is waiting for them to decide which guidelines they will follow.

WHITE TEXT: Local Issues Orders:  Los Angeles, Ventura, Sacramento, San Joaquin, Imperial Santa Barbara, Tulare, Fresno, Stanislaus, Merced, Kings, Orange, Contra Costa

WHITE TEXT: State Issued Orders: Riverside, San Bernardino, Kern

WHITE TEXT: Seven Counties Awaiting Action – Colusa, Solano, Monterey, Marin, Madera, San Diego, Glenn (recently added today before the press conference).

Governor Newsom: As you take personal responsibility and your community takes responsibility then the spread of COVID will reduce.  This shows respect for yourself and for others to prevent COVID-19 want you to save people’s lives.  We work together then our numbers will go down.

WHITE TEXT: Deaths Past Weekend. Saturday, July 4, 18 people died. Sunday, July 5 6 people died. Total of 24 people.

Governor Newsom: This past weekend 24 people have died from this virus (Saturday, 18 and Sunday 6 = 24). That is too many – this impacts 24 families who are grieving and experienced a loss.  We need to remember COVID is still here, still rampant, and still serious.  Very important that each of you does the following: Wear a mask, physical distance, avoid crowds, and wash hands frequently. Online has information where to get tests and more information by county and what the guiltiness is for your county 


WHITE TEXT: www.covid19.ca.gov


Disclaimer: This transcript is a back-translation of the Latent Interpretation and is not intended to be a verbatim reproduction of the original message.

For questions, comments, and feedback, please email latentimedia@gmail.com     Thank you!