June 15, 2020


VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Certified Deaf Interpreter, Rosemary Wanis: A Middle Eastern female with short black and white hair, tan skin, and hazel eyes, wearing a black long-sleeved blouse and navy-blue pants, black background, looking at the camera.

WHITE TEXT:  Governor Newsom, Press Release, June 15, 2020


Hello everyone, this is an interpretation of Governor Newsom’s message from June 15, 2020.

Governor Newsom: Good afternoon, today’s focus is on what we, California, have been doing to control this virus.  You may think because businesses are opening again that we can go out a play, socialize with others, and go back to work, etc.  That is not the case.  We do see the numbers going down; however, still not gone. We still have more work to do.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION:  State of California Pandemic Roadmap with image of California in orange on a dark blue background.  White text reads: California’s COVID-19 Pandemic Resilience Roadmap, June 16, 2020

Governor Newsom: We need to keep in mind that the size of California is huge.  The number of people living in California is tremendous.  Each of our 58 counties in California is different. Therefore, it is hard for me to make one decision and it is hard to make a statewide approach each county is handling this.  That is why each county must work with the Public Health Officer to help us know when open and when they need to wait.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Orange Heading Background with white text: California’s Reopening Approach. Image of light switch dimmer.  Dark Blue side with white text:  We are not using an on/off switch.  We are using a dimmer switch- based on data and science.  Counties (bold) should make data informed decisions for reopening.

Governor Newsom: Northern California is different than Central California and is different than Southern California. Picture a light switch that doesn’t just turn the lights on and off but rather a light dimmer that slowly changes lights to go from bright to soft – changing slowly to let the brightness of the lights raise up which is the same as California opening, open slow, and dimming which is the same as California staying closed.  If you turn up the bright lights too fast, your eyes don’t have time to adjust and you feel off.  Same with businesses, if we open too fast, we may not be ready, and it may not be the right time So think of our process of opening again as a light dimmer switch.   Progressing slowly is best to make sure we are ready. Other states have peaked and continue to spike in their numbers because they opened up too quickly but here we don’t want that.  In California our goal is to peak and come down stay down.  We want to be careful when it comes to dimming up or down our lights.   Again, each county is different so we let each county decide how to dim up or dim down their opening.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Orange background with white text: California Flattened the COVID-19 Curve.  Dark blue slide with white text:  Prepare. Protect. Promote. Image shows the Numbers of Cases with a white spiked curve on the left half and an off-white flattened curve overlapping the right half of the spiked curve and extending to the right side of the chart. Above the flattened curve is an orange broken line horizontal across the chart. At the bottom of the chart white text: Time since first case.

Governor Newsom: Did you see the broken line on the power point slide?  That is what we want, we don’t want to see those spikes, we want to see the curve flattened and to stay down.   That is when we were ordered to stay home, see numbers go up then go down, that going down shows that staying home was the right thing to do.  Staying home did help save lives.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Orange heading background with white text: Testing has Increased. Positive Rate has Dropped.  Dark blue slide with white chart showing testing has increased in bars from small bars from left to high bars on right and an orange line of positivity cases showing high positive cases on left at 40.8% to low positivity cases on right at 4.8%

Governor Newsom: Before April we did not have enough tests, starting in April we were able to offer 2,000 tests a day with 40.8% test positive. Now we are able to provide 78,000 tests per day.  From April with 40.8% positive COVID-19 testing rates to now with only 4.5 % of those tested positive for the virus.  This shows a significant reduction in the number of positivity.   Still need to be careful. I want to address the concern that people had that the BLM protests will result in higher numbers of people catching the virus, that was not the case.  Numbers are steadily declining.  Spread rates are the same with their slight ups and downs.  We have not seen any spikes in cases.  Therefore, we can’t blame BLM for a spike.  We continue to see our numbers declining and we can continue to slowly open up California’s economy.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Orange heading background with white text: COVID-19 Hospitalizations Remain Stable. Dark blue slide with chart with an orange line at the top half of the chart showing the high numbers of people in Hospitals a few months ago before May 8, to May 8, and to May 25 with a sharp spike at the far left then a steady downward line with slight ups and downs along the way from left to right of chart.  A blue line shows the number of people in ICU from before May 8 to May 8 and May 25.  The blue line shows a steep increase on the lower left then a steady decline to May 8 and continued about the same with a brief increase to decrease on May 25.

Governor Newsom: In regard to hospitals in California, we are seeing the same trend with slight ups and downs and no spikes in the number of cases.  Again, makes me feel confident that we can go ahead and slowly open up the economy.    These numbers from the hospitals are so important. Look at the recent image of a chart from May 8 to May 25 the numbers have not changed much, people were worried that re-opening businesses would result in numbers jumping up but we can see here from hospitalizations that the numbers are not much different.  Before we were so concerned because hospitals and ICU beds were full but now we are seeing that many beds are available.  That is an important number for us to look at.  If hospital beds are full, then we need to order shelter-in-place. But with beds available, I am confident that this is the right time to open up the economy.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Orange heading background with white text: California’s Healthcare System Capacity. Dark blue slide with an Orange Pie Chart. Inside the chart reads: Healthcare Capacity.  Small Blue part of the pie represents 6% of COVID-19 patients currently hospitalized.  Left of pie chart: 73,867 hospital beds. Below that in white text: 52, 745 Surge Beds.  Right of Pie Chart: 3,103 Covid-19 Patients Hospitalized.

Governor Newsom: Additionally, California has over 73, 000 beds for with only 3,103 beds now with COVID-19 positive patients, that means less than 6% of beds are being used.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Orange heading background with white text: California’s Critical Care Capacity. Dark blue slide with image of heartbeat blue line and 3,775 with ICE/Available Capacity in orange text on a white square and 1,053 ICU/COVID-19 Available Capacity in white text vertically on an orange square.  Graphic of a ventilator machine in white with the white text underneath: 11,652 Ventilators available.

Governor Newsom: California has over 11, 000 ventilators and over 3,000 ICU beds. Ventilators are for those who need the highest level of critical care.  We are seeing a small number of people with COVID-19 in ICU.  A little over 1,000 COVID-19 patients are using ventilators in California.  This means that if you get COVID-19 and you need critical care, ICU has beds and has ventilators ready to help you recover.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Orange heading background with white text: The State is Monitoring and Supporting Counties. Dark blue slide with Step 1: Active Data Monitoring, Step 2: Targeted Engagement, Step 3: Reinstitute Community Measures. Under Step 1 is an orange arrow pointing down to white text: 58 Counties, Providing Daily Data Assessments.  Step 2 has an orange arrow pointing down to white text: 13 Counties, Receiving Targeted Technical Assistance and Support.

Governor Newsom: California is closely monitoring all 58 counties.  52 counties have submitted proposals to say request approval and express that they are ready to re-open.  13 counties have asked for help for financial support.  Other counties are ready to re-open on their own without financial support from California and they are progressing just fine.  Next up is Dr. Ghaly with some comments.

Dr. Ghaly: Hello everyone, I work for the State of California focusing on the impact of COVID-19 and where those cases come up throughout California.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Orange heading background with white text: The State is Closely Monitoring County Data.  Dark blue slide with light blue and white chart showing numbers with a focus on specific counties listed on left:  Fresno, Imperial, Kern, Kings, Los Angeles, San Joaquin, Tulare.  Too many numbers to transcribe here.  Across the Top will see in an orange bar from left to right: MEASURE (overall): Average tests per day 100 per 100,00 people.  Case rate per 100,000 currently at 25 per 100,000.  Testing Positivity currently at 8%, Change in 3-day COVID Hospitalization currently at 10%.  Available % of ICU beds currently at 20%.  Available % of Ventilators currently at 25%.

Dr. Ghaly: As we watch county numbers will influence how fast we dim up or dim down

I look at and analyze three different things: 1) Positivity rate, 2) Number of hospital beds available, and 3) number of tests provided daily.

If these numbers are at the right range and below then we can consider opening, if not then opening needs to be delayed and maybe remain closed.  If we see numbers going up we will be in touch with those counties offering intensive help/support to get those numbers down.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Orange heading background with white text: The Disproportionate Impact of COVID-19. Dark blue slide showing a bar graph.  Each part has one race identified at the bottom from left to right: Latino, White, Asian, Black, American Indian, Other.  Each part has three bars: blue is the percent of that race living in California.  Orange is the percent of that race having COVID-19.  Gray is the percent of that race who have already died from COVID-19.

Transcriber can’t read all the numbers.  Summary:  Latinos have the orange bar as the highest; the percent of Latinos living in CA and the percent of Latinos people dying from COVID-19 are close.  White have the orange bar at the lowest; the percent of Whites living in CA and the percent of White people dying from COVID-19 are close. For Asians, same as what we see with Whites (lower in numbers overall).  For the Black Community, have the highest number of deaths with the gray bar being higher than the other two.  For American Indian, all three bars are very small.  For Other, the blue and gray bars are almost the same with the orange bar (number of COVID-19 cases being much higher).

Dr. Ghaly: Look at the recent power point with three color bars. The blue bar is the percentage of that race living in California.  The orange bar is percentage of how many individuals from that race has COVID-19 in California. The gray bar is the percentage of how many individuals from that race have died from COVID-19 in California.  The Latino community has the highest number of positive cases of COVID-19 in California.  That means we need to do more contact tracing and provide more quarantine support.  The Black community has the highest number of deaths from COVID-19 compared to number of population.  This may be due to not enough Black individuals taking the test, so by the time they seek treatment they are already very sick.  They may also not feel safe or have access to tests and/or treatment and/or hospitals.   Please get tested, we have the support ready to get you well. Other bars show White, Asian, Native American, and Other please look at the slide for that information.

This information is shared to be more open and transparent.

Governor Newsom: Hello again.  We want to offer as much support as possible for each of our communities in California.  Right now, we have 3 million tests available.  We are ready to do more tests.  Please get tested.  Just yesterday we completed 66,000 tests in one day.  Again, ICU beds are available. Ventilators available.  Equipment, data, and supplies (masks, ventilators, gowns, and face shields) are all available and stocked up.  All counties in California available hospital beds for COVID-19 patients.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Map of Southern California with Imperial County shaded in to show it is above the border of Mexico and east of San Diego County.

Governor Newsom:  At this time, the only county in California that is out of beds and needs more beds is Imperial County, near the Mexico Border and San Diego.  As a solution, they have set up tents outside of their hospitals to accommodate more people; thus, they are ready if medical services are needed.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION:  Orange heading background with white text:  Supporting Vulnerable Populations. Dark blue slide split in half. On left subheading in white text: Nursing homes.  Dairy Reporting and Monitoring with 901 units covered.  Testing of Staff and Residents with 798 Staff Ready to Deploy.  On right subheading in white text: Project Roomkey.  15,638 Rooms Acquired with 66% Occupancy Rate.  82% Occupancy from Asymptomatic Rooms with 17% Occupancy for COVID-19 Positive Rooms.

Governor Newsom: Now I want to bring our attention to seniors and the homeless. With Project Roomkey we have over 15,000 hotel rooms in California. 66% of those rooms are filled being used by homeless leaving 44% still available. They have showers, have laundry machines, keep families together, for anyone who does not have a home right now.   CA is very committed to keeping families without a home together and making sure they are safe. Regarding senior citizens who live in nursing homes, we have been close monitoring their numbers of COVID-19 cases.   40% of those in nursing homes have tested positive in CA.  All staff are required to be tested daily.  53% of deaths in CA from COVID-19 have been people in nursing homes.  We are screening and testing daily to make sure that the numbers are going down.  We are not seeing an increase in numbers of positive COVID.  Two days ago (Saturday 6/13) 74 seniors passed away and yesterday (Sunday 6/14) 26 bringing the total deaths of those in nursing homes who died from COVID-19 to 5,000.  Even though numbers are going down, think of those families, someone’s grandparent, someone’s aunt or uncle… my heart goes out to them.  We are working hard to keep these numbers going down until COVID-1 9 is no longer a concern.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION:  Orange heading background with white text: Growing Personal Protective Equipment Inventory. Dark blue slide with an image of mask: 175.5 Million Procedure Masks. Image of N-95 masks: 1.4 Million N-95 Masks.  Image of Gowns: 10.4 Million Gowns.  Image of Gloves: 2.6 Million Gloves.  Image of Face Shields: 20.1 Million Face Shields.

Governor Newsom: California is working hard to make sure that our staff at nursing homes, hospitals, emergency responders, have PPE including masks, n-95, gowns, gloves, face shields, etc. what they need to do their work safely.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Orange heading background with white text:  Growing Contact Tracing Capacity.  Dark blue slide with California Connect next to Orange and Blue abstract logo.  On the left white text: 10,000 trained by July 1.  California’s plan is built to contract trace 1,600 new cases per day.  At bottom of slide: 25 Counites on Board & 32 Counties in Process.  2,243 Completed Training & 4,855 Enrolled in Training.

Governor Newsom: Twenty-five counties in California joined a program called California Connect.  Track each person who is sick with COVID-19, then they will have someone track to see where they first got it from and where that person got it from.  This must be done to reduce COVID-19 positive cases.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Orange heading background with white text: The 1918 Flu Pandemic Reminds Us to be Cautious.  Graph Chart of DEATHS showing 1918 and 1919 at the bottom.  We see an orange graph line start with Wave 1 going up then down then stable with a sudden spike going way up for Wave 2 then going down to none then a short time later Wave 3 (higher than Wave 1 but lower than Wave 2) spikes and goes down to a stop.

Governor Newsom: Remember what happened with the Spanish Flu back in 1918?  That flu spread in 1918 then late the second wave was worse than the first.  Then they had a third wave. We do now want to see that repeated here.  Contact Tracing is important to prevent what happened with the Spanish Flu. What happened was that with the first wave, they stayed home, then when people started to get better, they started to socialize then the second wave hit worse than the first.  I don’t want that to happen again here.  I don’t want us to continue to struggle with COVID-19 as we have this past spring, then again, this fall, and again next spring.  I am sure you don’t want that either.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Orange heading background with white text: Your Actions Will Save Lives.  Dark blue slide with white text.  Be smart (bold). Wear a face covering.  Physically distance. Wash your hands.

Governor Newsom: Be Smart! Continue to wash your hands, wear masks, and be sure to keep your physical distance.  Be smart means that you keep being careful, keep wearing your mask, keep your distance because you never know if you have symptoms but can’t feel it.  Sometimes you don’t feel any symptoms you may not know and not feel it, same with the person/people around you.  Imagine you walk into a coffee shop, you go up to the counter, you order a drink, you go to another counter to pick up your drink; you are surrounded by people, movement, and air.  You need to be very careful. You need to be careful, keep your masks on, keep your distance.

WHITE TEXT: covid19.ca.gov

Governor Newsom: For more information go to covid19.ca.gov.  For clear information on what is open and what is not please go to that website. If you go to that website and type in your zip code you will see a list of where you can get free testing, and please go for testing.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Graphic white rectangle with the image of red heart on left with white heartbeat line across the middle of the heart.  Black text to right of red heart: Nurses are the heart of healthcare.

Governor Newsom: I want to thank all of my staff and nurses who have been working hard and close with COVID-19 positive patients.  While they were working hard, they often could not go home because don’t want their family to get sick.  Had to stay in hotels instead of going home.  Had to often eat out. That costs money.   We gave out 50,000 debit cards with $500 each to these employees who Deep gratitude to each of these hard workers for working closely with our COVID-19 patients. Thank everyone for working hard to keep COVID-19 down as much as possible.  Keep your masks on, wash your hands, and keep your social distance.   If there is a second wave, we are ready, hospitals are ready, we have equipment supplies, tests are ready which means that California is ready! Thank you.