June 24, 2020

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VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Deaf Interpreter, Christine Kanta: A Caucasian female with blonde/brown hair pulled back with blue eyes and pink lipstick, stud earrings, and wearing a black and maroon blouse, black background, sitting and looking at the camera.

WHITE TEXT:  Governor Newsom, Press Conference, June 24, 2020


Interpreter: Today’s press conference led by California Governor Newsom

Governor Newsom: California is well known for having earthquakes frequently. Also, the summer is coming up soon which means we will have a fire season coming soon. I strongly advise you to make emergency plans for any disaster just in case to be prepared. I suggest that you download the app called “My Shake”

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: App download page with Green Circle with White Stars connecting inside the circle.  MyShake and underneath CA Earthquake Early… with the word GET in blue font inside a gray oval.

Governor Newsom: This app will notify you with a  warning when an earthquake is coming soon. This warning gives you time to prepare for the earthquake and seek out  a safe place to hide. Please be sure you do what you can do to prepare for the sake of your safety.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Black chalkboard with chalk writing, YES, WE ARE OPEN and underlined.  Blue border with white text at the bottom under the chalkboard: California Reopening Requirements: Heading Into Phase 3.

Governor Newsom: Businesses are reopening and people may feel comfortable to socialize again or have a gathering with their family and friends; however it doesn’t mean that the coronavirus is over. It is still a serious matter that we need to take measures to make sure it doesn’t get worse such as wearing a mask and practicing social distancing.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Yellow Square in upper left corner with black font: 5 rules against COVID-19. Clockwise White circles pointing toward a center red circle that is the coronvirus with white text: STOP.  The white circles around the STOP show at top: people who are not symptom-free, stay home Image person with roof of house around them). To right: Keep 2 meters of distance from each other (image outline of two persons with red arrow and 2m between). Next circle: wash hands regularly and thoroughly Image of two hands with soap lather). Next circle: avoid contact with shared surfaces (image of hand touching a rail with red international no symbol). Next circle: No touching of the face (image of head with hand on mouth with red international no symbol).

Governor Newsom: It is your responsibility to check your county and California guidelines to follow what you’re expected to do.  Also, be sure to check both guidelines and follow them all. If one set of guidelines has more rules than the other, you are expected to follow the set of guidelines that has the most rules.  If you’re not sure what’s the protocol for safety, then I will explain what to do soon. I’m aware that people are concerned because the cases of coronavirus are increasing. I’m reassuring you all that it is still under control. The reason cases of coronavirus are increasing is because we have the resources to provide the test for people to take.  These tests show if a person has the coronavirus or not. We didn’t have enough resources a few months back which then showed that the number of cases was not accurate.  However, right now, we can provide accurate information in regard to the number of cases of coronavirus. So, of course, we have to expect that with the increase in tests being available and conducted that the number of cases of coronavirus positives will go up. Don’t panic when you see the number of the tests because it doesn’t mean it is confirmed, as they may or may not have the virus. The number of the tests show how many people took the test to find out if they have the coronavirus or not. You can check the website to find the number of cases of coronavirus that confirmed people who are positive for coronavirus.

You will see the number of cases of coronavirus increased compared to last April 2020. It doesn’t mean there is an outbreak. It’s because we now have the opportunity to take the test as it is available at the moment when it wasn’t available  back in April. We didn’t have enough resources when the pandemic started which is the reason why the number of cases of coronavirus wasn’t accurate. The statistics show that 4.6% cases of coronavirus confirmed

WHITE TEXT: 4.6% COVID-19 Positive

Governor Newsom: Then we had another statistic released recently confirmed that it has increased to 5.1%.

WHITE TEXT: 5.1% COVID-19 Positive

The numbers have gone up.  We will need to do contact tracing to figure out why the number of cases of coronavirus increased. There are many possibilities of what people have done in the last two weeks such as family/friends gathering to celebrate memorial weekend

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Picture of people at a park with green grass and the American Flag on a flagpole.

Governor Newsom: And protests, business reopening, and so on. Just expect that the number of cases of coronavirus will increase in the future. However, do not panic as we advise you to stay calm. If you think you could have the coronavirus because of symptoms you have, or you were exposed by others who may have a coronavirus, then please ask for and take the test.  Two weeks ago, there were about 3,000 patients in the hospital.

WHITE TEXT: 2 weeks ago 3,000 hospitalized

Governor Newsom:  As of today, the number of patients increased to 4,000.

WHITE TEXT: Now, 4,000 hospitalized

Governor Newcom:  So, again based on what I just shared, you have to expect that the number of patients will increase in the near future. Just want to emphasize that my intention is not to scare you with the information about pandemic. I just want you to know that this is a serious matter that we shouldn’t take it lightly. The goal is to make sure you’re well aware of what’s happening, be responsible, and stay safe.  In California, we all are working hard to develop a plan to handle this situation. The hospital also works hard to set up the tents as well to ensure to provide enough beds for all patients who need it. We have about 52,000 hospital beds in California.

WHITE TEXT: In California around 52,000 hospital beds available

Governor Newsom:  Only about 8% of the beds are already filled by patients.

WHITE TEXT: 8% of hospital beds in use

Governor Newsom:  We still have plenty of beds available.

WHITE TEXT: I.C.U. Intensive Care Unit

Governor Newsom: ICU is for patients who are severely ill. Two weeks ago, there were 1,073 ICU beds with COVID-19 patients.

WHITE TEXT: 2 weeks ago 1,073 in ICU

Governor Newsom:  As of yesterday, the numbers went up and we have 1,268 COVID-19 patients in the ICU.

WHITE TEXT: Yesterday, 1,268 in ICU

Governor Newsom: Which means we have had an increase of about 200 in the past two weeks.  The ICU is specifically for those patients who are having difficulty breathing and need life support.  I urge you to be extra careful and be smart, wear a mask, and practice social distancing.

IMAGE DESCRIPTIONS: White square with blue outline of a head wearing a mask.  Blue Square with a green ground image of two people standing wearing a mask, looking away from each other, white arrow showing distance between the two people.

Governor Newsom:  Again, this is not intended to cause panic, just want you to be aware, be smart, and be responsible.  In California, we have specialists who deal with pandemics such as AIDS, Hepatitis, etc. contact tracing trained staff will ask a couple of questions about who you have been in contact with that you could pass the coronavirus to them. They ask these questions so that  they can keep the track of who has had contact with whom by making a list of names and connections. Then they will then contact those names to give a warning that whoever comes into contact  with that person may possibly have the coronavirus and urge them to take the test. We are prepared and we will respond as quickly as possible in order to prevent any further outbreaks. Some people are not wearing masks, are not distancing, are complaining about being required to make a mask. I need you to understand that this is serious.  I am just as frustrated with you about how our lives have changed. Maybe you feel frustrated, bored, isolated, maybe you are not happy because your kids can’t go to school, maybe you can’t go out and have a good time like you used to, and maybe you miss your friends,  I get that.  At the same time, if we want to beat this virus, we must each take personal responsibility, we must follow the guidelines, and wear a mask.

Now that California has started to reopen businesses, please still maintain your distance. I know, for example, Deaf people like to get together, hug each other, but we can’t do that yet.  You can get together with close friends and family but still have to keep your distance. If you see others hugging each other, then you need to remind them, please stay 6 feet apart.  This is very important!  To be honest with you, I see people saying that they don’t need a mask and don’t need to keep their distance because they feel fine. Those people are selfish and they are not thinking of other people. They are not thinking of children, senior citizens, and vulnerable populations. Remember, you may have the virus and not even know you have it.  You might think that you are fine and healthy but it is possible that you are not because the virus can take up to two weeks before you start to feel or see any symptoms. There are people who feel fine then suddenly realize they have the virus.  They also realize they have been interacting with people for the past two weeks while they did not show any symptoms and unknowingly passed on the virus to many other people.  Please be careful.  Don’t do that.  Don’t be selfish. Think of other people.  People are dying everyday because of this virus.  This is not funny.  Please take this seriously. Even if you are feeling fine, please wear a mask, keep your distance; do this for yourself and for others.

IMAGE DESCRIPTIONS: White square with blue outline of a head wearing a mask.  Blue Square with a green ground image of two people standing wearing a mask, looking away from each other, white arrow showing distance between the two people.

When the pandemic hits America for the first time, that was the most challenging since we didn’t have the resources needed to feel prepared. We didn’t have enough masks and the community couldn’t get or buy a mask in order to prevent the outbreak. But right now, we have the resources and we can provide what we need to face this pandemic. There is no excuse since stores now have more than enough masks to sell for anyone who needs them. There are also plenty of resources where people can learn how to make a homemade mask if needed.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Picture of dark-skinned hands washing in a metal sink with a faucet in the wall and water pouring down over lathered hands.

Governor Newsom:  Also, the most important, do not forget to wash your hands for 20 seconds each time and be sure you wash every inch of your hand.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION:  Light black rectangle background.  On the left an image of hands with pink lather soap, center with a stopwatch showing second-hand on 20 space, and right test: 20 SECONDS in pink.

Governor Newsom:  This is one of the ways to prevent the virus from spreading.  The specialists in the medical field, share a lot of information and encourage us to stay home to avoid any kind of event that would have a large gathering. I know this is America that you all have the right to make a decision for yourselves and we can’t force or prevent you from going to any kind of event. But, if you go to any kind of event where they have gatherings, please wear a mask. It is important even if you don’t think you can’t get the coronavirus. There are people out there who used to have the same mindset that they don’t feel the mask and social distancing are necessary since they don’t have any symptoms that could suggest they have a coronavirus or all family/friends who they socialize with don’t show the symptoms either. But when they happened to have a coronavirus then they realized how many people who they could pass the coronavirus on to others within a couple weeks, especially those who are at high risk such as elders, children, etc.  California is a huge state where the population is large and we all have our opinions. I encourage you all to check the information in regard to your county for guidelines, what to expect, what is mandatory, how many cases of coronavirus have been confirmed and check the information from the state website as well. This is your responsibility to keep up with the information for frequent updates.  California has a high number of cases of coronavirus which is a serious problem, specifically in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, and Fresno since these areas have large populations.  I would like to make an announcement that here in California we have rules that we expect every city, county, town, etc. to follow.  Otherwise, they wouldn’t get any kind of funding support. We usually fund each county annually, but we decided to change to fund them monthly instead. So, we can monitor each county to make sure they are following the rules before we continue to fund them. They wouldn’t get the funds until they follow and enforce the rules. I’ve seen mayors being threatened and received backlash from people who live in their vicinity. Just so you know, the mayors don’t have the choice, but follow what the state expects them to do. If the mayor chooses to not follow then they would lose a lot of funds for their city. So, I ask you to not target mayors and respect them because they work hard for you and for your safety.

I noticed a lot of people complaining and obsessed about how they want everything to go back to normal, businesses reopening, etc. I don’t think we should focus on wanting to go back to normal, but rather on what we can do to ensure our safety and care for others. If you want the coronavirus gone, then invest your energy and time to do what you can instead of complaining that you want everything to go back to normal.

Just a warning, there will be a large spike in coronavirus cases called a second wave.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: White rectangle with graph chart showing number of DEATHS on left of graph and red line showing three peaks, first peak is small, second peak is high and third peak is medium.  Under rectangle white text: Second Wave

Governor Newsom: Because when things seem to improve because people will think they don’t have to follow the guidelines anymore; which is a huge mistake. To do so doesn’t help to reduce the number of cases of coronavirus. So, just be prepared for the second wave because it will happen sometime soon.  Do what you can do to ensure for your safety and for your family, friends, community, etc.

In closing, please look for more information, resources, guidelines, slides, etc., then you can go on the website www.covid19.ca.gov

WHITE TEXT: www.covid19.ca.gov

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