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SCREENSHOT: Background: white with top and bottom of the several tones of the blue graphic; gray text: Adult Literacy Program; dark blue text: LEAD & PVSA Introduction

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: person 1 on the left with long black braided hair wearing a dark blue top over blacktop; person 2 on the right with short red hair and goatee wearing a light purple top

PERSON 2: Hey, do you know that we offer two services in our adult literacy program? They are called Language, Employment, Assessment, and Development (LEAD) and Personal, Vocational, and Social Adjustment (PVSA).

PERSON 1: What is the difference between those two services?

PERSON 2: The LEAD focuses on literacy and everything including citizenship, math, ASL, and work-related topics, while PVSA provides guidance on improving knowledge related to employability such as finding a job.

PERSON 1: If you are interested or know anyone who can benefit from this program or you have any questions, please contact us (pointing down) and 619-550-3381.

PERSON 1 and Person 2: hands wave in the air

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