DCS Update on Community Concerns: Week of July 20, 2020


  • DCS wants to acknowledge that the petition demands have been sent to the board through the DCS Board Feedback email. The board is seeking to meet with the community members involved.
  • DCS provided training on “Mitigating Implicit Bias” on July 10th with regular trainings to come.
  • DCS has established a permanent Diversity and Inclusion committee composed of staff members to assist in reviewing policies, recommend trainings and trainers as well as provide a direct line of communication with management. The first meeting will be Friday, July 24th.
  • DCS is in discussion with a third-party human resources management consultant to ensure that the DCS’ hiring is up to date and inclusive.
  • DCS continues to look inside the agency for ways to mitigate any bias in its policies and procedures and currently is working on having a third-party investigation into allegations of bias within the agency.
  • DCS has received two volunteer applicants for the restored Advisory Committee.  We need more people to come forward and participate, please.
  • DCS has located a Deaf friendly platform for a virtual town hall.
  • Based on community feedback, the format looks like it will be a stakeholder meeting. DCS is working on hiring an outside facilitator for this meeting.  Please submit suggestions for facilitators to DCSBoardFeedback@dcsofsd.org


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July 16, 2020

Statement to the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, DeafBlind, and Late-Deafened Community


We here at Deaf Community Services of San Diego (DCS) are deeply saddened by the circumstances that have caused many in our community to experience pain and sorrow. We are likewise profoundly affected by what is happening to many people and groups within our tight-knit community. We at DCS are committed more now than ever to the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, DeafBlind, Late Deafened community in San Diego, and surrounding areas, and we are determined to increase the support of growth and development of unity among communities of multi-layered intersectional identities.


DCS takes all claims of discrimination very seriously. It is the policy of DCS to investigate all complaints of discrimination, whether the claim is of racism, audism, sexism, or any form of disrespect. At no time and under no circumstances will or has DCS accepted or allowed any such conduct from any person associated with DCS. The official position of DCS is that when made aware of any such claims, an immediate investigation and appropriate actions will be taken. We remain committed to continuing this policy.


In our efforts to better listen to the communities, DCS has developed a new consumer concern form. If you have a concern you want to share with us, please complete it and email it to consumerconcerns@dcsofsd.org. If you have questions or concerns with the form, please ask us.


DCS is also reviving our Advisory Council. A few of you have inquired about joining the advisory council. We strongly encourage those interested to email us about joining the council. Please email a brief biographical statement about yourself and ties to the community to dcsboardfeedback@dcsofsd.org. The council also includes being a part of the planning for future Community Stakeholder meetings.


We here at DCS looks forward to continuing our collaboration with all in the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, DeafBlind and Late-Deafened community while making meaningful progress toward our mission in advocating, educating, and serving our diverse community.


Thank you!


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July 3, 2020


Hello, members of our community,

I want to reiterate how seriously the Board of Directors is taking to address systemic racism within DCS and we are hard at work to provide safe space for the community to voice their concerns.

Our board meetings in-person has been always open to the public per the Brown Act, which guarantees the public’s right to attend, participate, and make comments within time limits in meetings of local “legislative bodies”. DCS is included in the definition of “legislative bodies”, so the guarantee of board meeting transparency will not change.

With the unfortunate restrictions related to COVID-19 and the board’s overall limited experience in hosting virtual meetings, we fully acknowledge there is a lot of room for improvement and we are already exploring alternative solutions that are based on the guidance from our diverse community.

As a result, we are working on solutions for the next DCS Pulse forum and we are determined to make it a much better experience and more accessible for everyone. We have successfully found a proven virtual live meeting platform that looks both promising and deaf-friendly, and we’ve had good progress in finding a facilitator. There will be more news on that topic shortly.

Moreover, we, the board, are re-establishing Advisory Council to ensure that the community is represented in our decisions and they are reflective of our community’s needs. This council, which will report directly to the board, is open to anyone in the community and we encourage you to apply to join.


As a part of our commitment to the overall Board of Directors’ transparency, we will keep you consistently informed of our progress via email every week to our best abilities.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Image Description: Background: beige wall; a person with a shaved head with short brown beard and blacktop shirt looking at the camera