The Partnership has developed a strategic plan to ensure better resources and services for clients within the three agencies. The plan aims to achieve this by revising and creating policies and procedures identification and mitigation of barriers and establishing best practices for further adaptation. With the current goal, we have been focusing on developing the three major initiatives:

  • Create empathic, empowering services that increase access to, and engagement with, Partnership agencies;
  • Create services that are safe, confidential, and remove existing barriers for survivors who are living with IDD, and/or D/HH;
  • Build and increase staff capacity, knowledge, and comfort to timely serve survivors who are living with IDD and/or who are D/HH, including those with guardians;

These initiatives will be able to support our long-term goal for this project to increase the capacity building of all staff through the creation and implementation of a sustainable training plan and knowledge exchange of personnel. Also, to include new partner organizations to support further accessibility and survivor-centered services to enhance the trauma-informed capacity and cultural humility of law enforcement staff. Based on these initiatives, we will be able to improve survivors’ healing experiences and make a safe space and a positive impact on each of you equally.