July 17, 2020

VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Deaf Interpreter: Romduol Ngov, a Khmer genderfluid person with dark skin and short black hair, wearing a dark green short sleeve shirt, standing in front of a black background, looking at the camera



Hello my name is Romduol and I want to introduce what  Latent Interpreting means


WHITE TEXT: Latent Interpreting


ROMDUOL: this is abbreviated as LI. This is for the Governor when he does his press conferences.  This is information for the whole state of California such as a disaster or emergency and the entire state needs to be warned.  For example, right now we see topics about COVID-19.  We need to share information about masks, physical distancing, businesses that are closed or open, hospitalizations, and more. COVID-19 is the current topic but statewide press conferences can be about other topics.  Topics can be about anything that impacts the whole state such as fires, earthquakes, floods, power outages, and more than the Governor wants the whole state to know.  We will interpret all of those.


IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Picture of Screen with Governor on left, PowerPoint slide in middle, and Deaf Interpreter on right all in separate windows.


ROMDUOL:  You have already seen the governor with interpreters on screen. What you see on screen with the governor and LI are two different types of interpreting.  The live interpreting is done at the same time, everything is interpreted and is usually one hour or more.  When those press conferences are done, the LI team watches and analyzes the content for key points and themes.  We work together to identify where we can provide expanded information while giving the key points as best as possible. Our goal is to keep our videos up to 15 minutes.  Then we release the LI video after the press conference is over.  Keep in mind that this ONLY applies to state conferences, not local cities or counties.  If you have a concern about a specific city or county, then please contact NorCal, DCARA, DHHSC, GLAD, CODIE, or DCS.



ROMDUOL:  Contact them, express your concerns, and ask them to help you have better access with Interpreters to local news and conferences. I want to let you know that we have a Facebook page and YouTube channel where you can click LIKE on Facebook or SUBSCRIBE on YouTube to get all of our videos.  We will continue to keep you informed of what is happening in California.  Thank you!


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