• ADA Laws
  • 401K Retirement Plans
  • Tax Forms
  • Manage a Budget
  • Improve Communication
  • Get a Driver’s License
  • Request an Interpreter at Your Job
  • Internet and Computer Skills
  • Preparation for College and Employment
  • Social Skills

Language, Employment, Assessment & Development (LEAD)


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SCREENSHOT: Background: white with top and bottom of the several tones of the blue graphic; gray text: Adult Literacy Program; dark blue text: PVSA Personal Vocational and Social Adjustment

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PERSON 1: hello, do you know that the literacy program has another service called PVSA. We call students as participants because they enroll in the program for a short time, 4 months or less. Can you tell me what PVSA is?

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Background: gray; person 2 with dark red hair with a goatee and wine short-sleeve buttoned-down shirt looking at the camera

PERSON 2: PVSA stands for Personal, Vocational, and Social Adjustment. Don’t you mind to explain the P?

PERSON 1: P is personal. We teach you how to resolve conflicts, make the right choices, and set a boundary between personal life and work. If you have a personal matter, how do you approach your employer when you need sick leave or you are under stress or you couldn’t meet their deadline? Some people struggle with budgeting, debts, and transportation issues. Now, what is the V?

PERSON 2: V is vocational. There are many topics to choose from. We teach a good work ethic, the right attitude, how to follow company policies and apply ADA rights to your job, and how to notify an employer of your resignation or stay in the job! To avoid misunderstanding with your customers, boss, or workers, improve to be a great communicator! What’s the SA?

PERSON 1: SA is social Adjustment. Of course, we also teach how to manage anger and learn to socialize with people appropriately. We hope to see our participants improve their skills!

PERSON 2: If you are interested, please contact your VR counselor. They will send you some paperwork to sign and mail us for a referral. Then, you can start a one-on-one class with us! Both wave!

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