DCS Deaf Community Services of San Diego, Inc. (logo) presents SCREENSHOT: Background: dark blue; white text: REAL ID SAFE. SECURE. SMART. With a dark blue star on gold bear SCREENSHOT: Background: dark blue; white text: The REAL ID deadline has been extended to late 2021. You may wonder what this is for, it’s for flights in the continental U. S., and for access to federal facilities such as the courthouse. REAL ID was a law passed by Congress in 2005. The laws vary by states, but it is required to be in effect by 2020. The REAL ID law is intended for safe travels. The purpose of REAL ID is the same across states, but they all look different. PICTURE IN PICTURE: 2 images of California driver licenses; on left, it shows Federal Limits Apply image on the top, right corner on the left driver license; on right, it shows a white star on gold bear on the top, right corner on the right driver license This is ours. You will see a gold bear with a star on the top right of the card. If you don’t have one, your card will instead say “Federal Limits Apply”. If you have “Federal Limits Apply” on your card, this means you have to have a U. S. Passport to travel or access federal facilities. SCREENSHOT: On the left image of the California driver license with Federal Limits Apply image on the top, right corner along with the blue text: Federal Non-Compliant; in the middle of the screenshot white text: “=”; on the right image of the dark blue book with light yellow text “Passport”; graphic of Great Seal of the United States; light yellow text: United States of America; light yellow icon Now you can take the chance to go to the local DMV, remember they are strict and require documentation for your new card. SCREENSHOTS: social security card, immigrant (green) card, SDG&E bill statement, and birth certificate You know that the DMV has a long waiting line, we suggest you take the time now to apply online: edi.dmv.ca.gov When you are done applying online, don’t forget to bring the four documentation with you to the local DMV. If you are under the age of 18, you don’t need a REAL ID. If you are a Green Cardholder, you can go and get a REAL ID. I know I have given you a lot of information on the REAL ID. Maybe you are still unsure, have more questions, confused, or concerned. Feel free to come to DCS and we will help you with the process. SCREENSHOT: Background: dark gray; white text: ADVOCATE. EDUCATE. SERVE.; deafcommunityservices.org; Facebook; Twitter; Instagram; Downtown San Diego Lions Club logo; Produced by DCS Studio Image Description: Background: gray; a person with long wavy brown hair with a short beard; dark blue top with two-tone blue DCS logo on the left chest