App ASL Baby Sign
App for kids to watch a cute baby signing and learn along with.
App ASL Kids: Sign Language
An ASL app for kids to learn signs with
DVD ASL Signs for Babies, Toddlers, and Kids
DVD that introduces a variety of signs for babies, toddlers, and kids
App Baby Sign and Sing
Nursery Rhymes and Songs in ASL
Game Deafverse A online game designed for Deaf Teenagers
Videos Hands Land
Different nursery ASL rhymes for kids
App Signed Stories
Signed classical stories
Website Signing Time
ASL Education for kids
Website/apps VL2 Storybook Apps
Bilingual Storybook Apps in ASL/English (and some other languages)
Website Zimmy Signs
Online Books for Kids
Books ASL Tales
Rapnuzel, Boy Who Cried Wolf, Princess and the Pea, Tortoise and Hare
Book El Deafo
A story about a young girl and her journey in the classroom with a bulky hearing aid
Book Hands and Hearts
A Mother and Daughter Spends time together communicating at the beach with ASL
Books Story Time with Rhymes and Signs
Large series of books
Book A Place for Grace
A book about a little dog who becomes a service dog for Deaf people
Book Dad, Jackie, and Me
A book that talks about Jackie Robinson, the first black baseball player in the major league, through the eyes of a deaf parent.
Book River of Hands
An anthology of four classical Deaf stories
Book Secret Signs
A book about how some Deaf families were involved in the Underground Railroad
Book The Printer
A book that tells the story of how a Deaf printer saved lives in a fire