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To sign your DHH children up for VIRTUAL DEAF YOUTH LITERACY CAMP 2021, please fill out and return this application, or contact Shannon Gilliland for enrollment and information.

August 2-6, 2021


What is DYLC?



Deaf Youth Literacy Camp (DYLC) is designed to provide an opportunity for Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals, ages 8-14 years old, to come together and develop a variety of skills, make friends, and discover their talents, interests, and values. DYLC is where the beauty of Deaf Culture, the depth of American Sign Language (ASL), and the power of literacy go hand in hand. DYLC provides a fun, enriching, and learning environment where deaf youth develop self-esteem, self-reliance, and confidence. At DYLC, individuals gain knowledge and skills through bilingual enrichment, workshops, outdoor activities, arts and crafts, team building, theatrics, play therapy, and fire building/safety. At DYLC, where sign language and Deaf Culture are revered and celebrated, sign language communication is accessed 24/7. DYLC is staffed by deaf community leaders from various backgrounds and experiences in leadership, education recreation, advocacy, and social services, all of whom are given background checks (see FAQ below).

Donations and sponsorships are welcome!


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FAQs for DYLC 2022


The purpose of the FAQ page is to provide information on frequent questions and concerns. For many children, DYLC will be their first time to experience the great outdoors and, for others, it will be their opportunity to learn and grow from the last camp session.

To sign your DHH children up for VIRTUAL DEAF YOUTH LITERACY CAMP 2021, please fill out and return this application, or contact Shannon Gilliland for enrollment and information.

It is $500 per camper. DCS has been hosting various fundraising activities, including seeking donations. Due to the limited funding and restrictions, we are only able to sponsor a limited number of campers. Grants and sponsorships are prioritized for Youths from San Diego County. If you can afford to supplement your child’s campership, please do so. Donations are welcome at any time. They are tax-deductible as well. Please contact DYLC@dcsofsd.org for more information.

All cash will be collected on the first day of the camp and recorded on an envelope with your child’s name. Items such as toiletries, stamps, sodas, and snacks will be sold at the camp. An amount of money given to your child is solely up to you and it is recommended that your child brings $25. Any balance will be returned to your child on the last day of the camp.

Please refer to the Packing Checklist (PDF). Image version is below.

DYLC’s RECOMMENDED CHECKLIST, YOUTH & FAMILY SERVICES; logo of DYLC Deaf Youth Literacy Camp; logo of DCS Deaf Community Services; list of items: duffel bags, dunk/laundry bags, stuff sacks, BPA free water bottle, insect repellent, sunscreen, flashlight, batteries, books, swim goggles, rainwear, hats, sunglasses, eyeglasses and care, bandanas, sandals and shoes, shorts, shirts, sneakers, swimsuit, sweater, jeans, socks, sleeping bags, camping blanket, pillow, twin sheets, toothbrush/toothpaste/case, shampoo, soap, towels for pool/shower, deodorant, camera, cash $10 - $25 and smile; bottom text: 1545 Hotel Circle South, Suite 300, San Diego, CA 92108, 619-550-3435, deafcommunityservices.org

We do not accept hearing siblings and Children of Deaf Adults. Campers residing outside San Diego County will be on the waiting list. Camp scholarships and grants are primarily considered for deaf and hard of hearing students attending schools in San Diego.

Yes, we do require background checks, including fingerprinting, on all Leaders. We also require them to participate in the Leaders Training, provide proof of TB clearance, and have a current CPR and First Aid certification.

All prescriptions must be in originally dispensed containers. Prescription and dosage instructions must be included with the medicine(s), especially any updated instructions. Daily medications must be in a ZipLock bag. Clearly print your child’s name on the bag with a waterproof permanent marker.
It is a very good idea to place your child’s initials on his/her hearing aid(s) and have some type of watertight, durable container to store them in.
Also, please send plenty of sunscreen and bug repellent.

Please be sure your child is free of the following:
• Head lice
• Conjunctivitis (pink eye) or any other contagious condition

Important Notice:
If your child’s medical condition changes prior to the camp, please let us know. Please do not send your child to the camp if s/he has a cold or is sick. We are required to maintain accurate records of your child for our medical staff. This is especially true with prescription medication. Please inform us in writing, on the phone, or in-person at the registration regarding any changes.

In case of emergencies, parents/guardians can contact DYLC. If an emergency arises regarding your child, we will contact you. Please make sure that your emergency contact information is correct on all the forms. Please use the phone number listed for the camp discretely.

Indian Hills Camp (IHC) provides nutritious, healthy food, which we believe will be acceptable and enjoyed by most of our campers. IHC is not able to accommodate personal preferences, yet we will strive to accommodate the dietary meal restrictions based upon certain conditions. If your child has any kind of food allergy or dietary need, please contact us before registering.

• Weapons of any kind
• Archery equipment
• Matches or lighters
• Tobacco products
• Drugs or alcohol

Possession of those items will result in dismissal from the camp.

It’s important to label (tag) all clothing and items (flashlight, hearing aids, shoes, and toothbrush) with the name of your child (or initials) using a waterproof permanent marker. Lost items that remain unclaimed will be donated to local charities.

No. Any medical expenses due to injuries will be at the responsibility of a child’s parents/guardians.

If you (or your child) plans change and your child will not attend DYLC, please notify us immediately.

Drop off: Please bring your child(ren) to Indian Hills Campground for registration at 4 pm on Sunday. The address is 15763 Lyons Valley Rd, Jamul, CA 91935.

Pick up: 2 pm on Saturday. You are invited to watch several performances by DYLC campers at the Indian Hills Campground at 11 am. You can take your child(ren) home afterward.