Family ASL Class



DCS provides family American Sign Language (ASL) classes to assist parents and their extended family members to better communicate with their deaf children. Learning ASL will support your Deaf or Hard of Hearing child(ren) to maximize their potential. The classes are designed to provide families with the confidence and skills necessary to successfully communicate on a daily basis with your child. Deaf instructors teach the basics of ASL in a friendly, conversational, and supportive atmosphere. DCS also provides discussion panels, workshops, and resources about deaf culture during the classes.

The ultimate goal of the Family ASL class is to help families understand the importance of accessible language and easy communication with their child(ren), providing the building blocks for greater cognitive and academic growth which leads to personal fulfillment.

No registration needed. It’s a FREE drop-in class, so please join us anytime you want and bring your family. Free childcare is provided. You can bring your children and drop them off at the childcare room next to the community room. No infants in the childcare room, please. Contact Youth and Family Services for more information.

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