The Signs of Life (SOL) program offers comprehensive outpatient drug and alcohol treatment for Deaf, Deaf-Blind, late-deafened, and hard of hearing adults. SOL is the only community-based substance abuse program in the United States that is designed specifically for Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals.  SOL provides individualized treatment and recovery plans that meet the unique needs of the individual.

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  • Short/Long-Term Outpatient Services
  • Individualized Treatment and Relapse Prevention Planning
  • Case Management
  • Assessment, Information, and Referrals to Nationwide Detox, Residential
  • Programs, Aftercare Programs, and Recovery Services
  • Integrated Alcohol/Drug and Mental Health Care
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  • Individual and Group Alcohol and Drug Counseling
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment
  • Substance Abuse, Addiction, and 12-Step Program Workshops
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  • Linkages to Community Services to Support Long-Term Recovery
  • Recovery Residences for Deaf Women and Men



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Alicia Devine

Clinical Director of Behavioral Health Services
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Jesse Wilson

Program Manager
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Beth Metlay

Substance Abuse Counselor
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Mary Ann Walsh

Substance Abuse Counselor
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Shanna Flores

Billing and Data Entry Specialist