DCS Interpreting Services is committed to providing highly qualified and certified interpreters in San Diego County. Our staff and freelance interpreters provide language access to accommodate every language modality including American Sign Language (ASL), Tactile, ProTactile, Legal, and CART Services. In addition, we advocate for reasonable accommodations to be provided to the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing communities per ADA Title 3. Anyone who has been denied an interpreter can contact us to advocate for interpreting services.

woman with long blonde hair and white sweater on the left, woman with brown hair and glasses on the right. Woman on left has hand resting on woman on right, using tactile interpreting
three women standing, chatting in sign language
one woman sitting on the left, two people standing on the right. Person standing holding papers, looking at the interpreter
long table in 90 degree angle, people sitting side to side alongside table, with papers and drinks on top.
Four people, three women, one man. One woman holding up ILY sign in the middle.
three people standing, officer on right standing at podium giving a presentation. Two women on left, interpreting in sign language

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